Ridgeway Chainsaw Carving Rendezvous (1 of 4)


I just got back from my 9 day, winter break, trip at Ridgeway, Pennsylvania. My dad, His partner (Emil Szkipala), his son and I left on Friday. We started by checking into the Royal Inn. There were 227 registered carvers who showed up at the event. The auction took place 8 days later, bringing in 53,000 dollars. For those who don’t know, probably most of you, this event is a gathering and not a competition, it’s a great place to learn and grow when it comes to chainsaw carving. Unlike chainsaw carving competitions, this type of gathering allows carvers to be more relaxed and be more focused on having fun and not worried about your piece so much.

With 227 people carving, this is the largest event of its kind to ever take place. Carvers from all over the world came, most noticeable were the Germans who were flown for free this year. But carvers from Japan, Italy, Canada, Scotland, England and Australia were present. As I said this takes place in Ridgeway. This town is very small and seams like its deep in the mountains. The event took place, unlike last year at helicopter landing/fire department lot, at a factory’s parking lot that closed down a few years ago.

Anyways this event is huge and it will take a huge amount of post to cover, so I’ll explain more about the event throughout the next week or two.

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