Ridgeway Chainsaw Carving Rendezvous (2 of 4)

My dad made 2 blue Chickens herons for his donation. After that he made a fisherman and two eagles chickens.

Emil, my dad’s partner, caved two chickens owls, the first one he carved was intended to go as the piece for his donation, but before he finished it someone bought it off of him, so he made another one and submitted that one as his donation. After that he made banana split bench for a local ice-cream shop, called Two Scoops; a year early he had caved an ice-cream cone for the shop. The two cavings now sit in front of the shop.

I caved a Tiki, spending 2-6 hours a day, for about for days and made some minor burning changes the day before the auction. After that I carved 4 pine trees, 3 really quick and simple pigs bears, and a log cabin.



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