Daylight Saving Time

What your reading now is the third attempt at a post about this subject. The second post contained to much information and was not clear enough. The first attempt was a little less than 2204 words long, I ranted to the point were most sentence were uncomprehensible and contained numerous threats to the UN. Anyways here is a much cleaner and trimmed down version of the second post.

As you may know 2 days ago Daylight Savings Time started, I hate the concept of Daylight Savings Time. It just seems to say that we are lazy. Benjamin Franklin first introduced his concept of daylight savings in a letter urging those in France, specifically Paris, to save their money by getting up earlier to burn fewer candles.

“early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise” ~Benjamin Franklin

This idea is simple it is a quite good idea for civilization. Benjamin Franklin however, never mentioned the idea of setting clocks to adjust the standards of time.

Now this is where things get “lazy”. William Willett was the first domino in this wave of laziness. He was a golfer and wanted more time to get his rounds in. William published The Waste of Daylight where he said clocks should be, at one point, advanced 80 minutes. He suggested every Sunday in April the clocks should be pushed forward 20 minutes and vice versa for Sundays in September.

Before World War One no governments saw a need to actual set back their clocks. Argument’s for DST were made in parliament and shot down several years in a row. The first governmental enactment of Daylight savings time was in Germany to save coal usage, during World War One, followed by the UK. See in this case rather than relying on the discipline of solders to just get up earlier, the government chose to trick the solders, in some sense, by forcing them to adjust their clocks; Eventual the concept was adopted by many governments for the same reason, including the US.

In 2006, daylight time began on April 2 and ends on October 29. This year, With the changes that congress made, daylight savings time began on March 11 and ends on November 4. This caused programs that were set to automatically handle DST hours be, for a lack of better words, “confused”. Microsoft says they can update there programs and Operating systems.

“We’re aware of the upcoming change, and will make sure that Windows handles the transition smoothly,” ~Peter Houston.

This change caused me to have to change some of my settings on my server, and I’m sure many people had problems. If congress reverses this action, which the article says they’re allowed to do, it will mean the same type of problems.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to just wake up earlier on Standard Time than to do otherwise. Daylight Savings Time causes too many problems like birth certificate issues, offset Sundials, and problems with programs, operating systems, and servers.

Anyways the concept of Day Light Savings Time is a cheat, it is jet lag on the ground, it is a governmental trick on the masses. Lets stop this social law that’s in place. Why follow a system that was a direct result of some lazy golfer who just wanted a few extra swings.

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