Ridgeway Chainsaw Carving Rendezvous (Part 4 of 4)

In case you have still no idea what this event is, I’ll give your the brief history. The Ridgway Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous started as a gathering of six chainsaw carvers. Since then, the event has grown to be the world’s largest chainsaw carving event.

It is an open invitation to all Chainsaw Carvers. The event is an opportunity for all types of chainsaw carvers to share, market, learn, and teach. For carvers who tend to be leaned away from compositions, this is a great place to go to, as is not a competition but merely a gathering.

The Ridgway Rendezvous is a great event, I know every time I go I learn something new. If you’re a carver I suggest you go. I’ve gone there for four years. My first year, when I was a freshman at Notre Dame High School, I sold my first carving, a Tiki god, Having started carving a month or so before. I can say that much of my style of carving now was greatly influenced by what I have seen at Ridgway.

Having said all that i would like to thank all those who put the event together particularly the Boni’s and also the whole town of Ridgway who comes and takes part of the event.

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