Super Paper Mario


Today I set out to get Super Paper Mario, after a failed attempt yesterday resulting from a misunderstanding of the terms Shipped and released. First I called the store to see if they had any in stock. After that I had to get the money. I had five bags of change 3 containing 10 dollars each. I then brought the change in to a Coinstar at VG’s, the service charge rate was 8.5, but i swear they took more than that. I exchange the little slip for 46.47 dollars. Combining that with the 7 dollars in my wallet was enough to buy the game. An EB Games store was in the same complex So naturally that’s were I decided to go.


I when in the store, grabbed the game, bought it, and had a short discussion on the validity of reservations for upcoming games with the stores manager after he asked if I wanted to make one for any Wii games. After coming Home of coarse there’s the ritual unwrapping of the game. After that I used my Wii’s internet browser to inform various forums that i had bought the game. Then I popped the game in The Wii. after playing it for a few hours the game case then took it place next to my other Wii games.

The game is an absolute must buy for the Wii. I know it’s not as good as Zelda, but I can say it’s my second favorite game out for the System. The game requires that you go from 2d and 3d through the entire game. The game also adds new ability throughout, including the use of new playable characters, items, and none playable characters. The game has SNES like cut scenes and vibrant and colorful graphics. It appears that throughout nearly every area of the game you can go from 3d to 3d. The game is very long, from what I’ve heard it take about the same length to finish as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Oh yes and the script is Hilarius’s and I strongly recommend reading everything, the script alone is reason enough to get this game. This game so far met all my expectations and I’m probable going to spend the majority of the rest of the week playing it.

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