Associating Games With Other Things


I’ve usually have two Television sets setup at my gaming area. One to play games and one to watch cable or DVDs.

Recently I can recall playing Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 on Game Cube, and thinking of George Lopez Quotes from an episode that I watched years ago. When ever I go back to Tony Hawk Underground 2 I think of Simpson‘s Quotes, the same With BMX XXX.

I never actually beat Luigi’s Mansion, every once in a while and play it for a few minutes and try to remember where I was at, whenever I play it I remember the day I got My Game Cube, Luigi’s mansion being the first game for the system I ever had. I also remember the fact that I didn’t have a memory card until after a weak or so of having the game.

Tony Hawk American Wasteland, I beat on it’s hardest setting in 2 days. I beat it in my basement and every time I play it I think of things that happened to me those two days, I remember my brother was home and he Kept yelling at me that I’m waisting my life playing video games.

When ever I play Pac-Man World 2, I think of kanYe West‘s The College Dropout. I probably played the majority of the game listening to that album.

Metroid Prime and WarioWorld and Hitman 2 were that last three games that I bought before Getting a Wii, I definitely associate these games with the few months of anticipation of getting the Wii.

I Know whenever I play a retro game, Like Super Mario Bros 1 or 3, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Caveman Games, and what have you.

Anyways I was wondering if other people have these type of thoughts? Do you ever associate games with something else, something that happened to you while you were playing a game?

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