F**k Neversoft and Activision


All right, I have every Tony Hawk Game made cross-console, Except for the current generation’s release. I bought Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4, Tony Hawk Underground, Tony Hawk Underground, Tony Hawk Underground 2, and Tony Hawk American Wasteland all at the “brand new” Game Cube price of $50. I also bought Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1,2 and 3. used.

Less then a year ago, it “killed me” to hear that they were not going to make the Project 8 for the Wii. Instead they chose the kiddy, Non-free roaming, SSX Tricky Style, slap in the face, Tony Hawk Downhill Jam and even now they are making that Downhill jam the for the PS2. Downhill jam was still published by Activision but instead of Neversoft the game was developed by Toys For Bob. So basically Neversoft forgot about Nintendo. It wasn’t about graphics because the game was made for all other systems: PlayStation 3, Playstation 2, PSP, Xbox 360, Xbox. It not about controllers because of the classic controller, or even if they thought not enough people had the classic controller, there is style the Game Cube controllers. So WTF Neversoft? WTF happened?

If your looking for a game that will fill the free roaming void that THDJ, Dave mirra is the closest thing you’ll get soon. Carve Entertainment plans to publish a ported version of The PSP game Dave Mirra BMX Challenge some time around June this year for the Wii. Although the the Mirra Francaise is coming to the Wii, I have yet to see any Information for a Skating game for the Wii.

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