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Happy Easter

Sunday, April 8th, 2007

Well today is Easter and like every year the ritualistic activity of coloring Easter Eggs took place this year. Most people are unaware of the reasoning behind the coloring of Easter Eggs, and a good Blogger would explain the reasoning behind the Egg before discussing them…

All Eggssisterseggs

Well on to my Eggs, You can can see my masterpiece’s (on the left) and you can see my 21 year old sisters eggs which were inferior to my eggs, and lacked the makings of what are need to call them good Easter Eggs.


This egg has textures comparable to some of man’s greatest paintings. The colors red and brown shade the entire egg top to bottom, and even as the egg had pink on the top and blue on the bottom, the red and brown shading stays constant thought the piece.

Broken Egg

But as with most years in my house and the houses of the worlds other Easter Happy Egg colorers. Many eggs must suffer from the smashings and bumpings of the eggs environment. these eggs jump the gun for their eventual complete removal of their shells, and eventual consumption. Oh yeah and Happy Easter Everybody.



Saturday, April 7th, 2007

japlangMy goal, to learn Japanese and to be able to completely understand imported video games in two to three years. As you know japan is basically the video game capital of the world, and being that many games come out much earlier in japan than the united states. After learning Japanese, I can import games, and become more informed on gaming news. As of now I’m only learning online, but next year I may take courses in collage. Anyways that’s whats new with me.