A Look at Cell Phone Commercials

Yet another commercial that pissed me off, or should I say commercials. This time these commercials involve cell phones.

First of all the Dropped Call commercials of Cingular, now these commercials somewhat claim that a dropped call for other networks cause people to believe a conversation is going on even after a call is dropped. I know that all my Verizon phones
make a very large and annoying beep when a call is dropped.

Next it’s a concept that many mobile company have been using, These commercials claim that a small amount of minutes make people have phone calls less than like 5 seconds, or something like that. They make these commercials despite the fact that most phone companies round up minutes, so in most cases a 5 second call would still equal 1 minute.

Back to another commercial by Cingular. This commercial claims that their Go Phone will change the conversation about phones, this concept doesn’t really work thou, if you turned the conversation back to what supposibly should have happened, the events would work properly with the dialog. Now I’m not going to go into to many details, so to put it simply she, wouldn’t have gotten the phone in the first place, so she wouldn’t have gotten to complain.

    The commercial said:

      “Now your getting this new phone.”
      “It’s so small,”
      “I really like it!”

    When negative the conversation would sound like this:
      “Now your [not] getting this [old or new] phone.”
      “it’s so [big],”
      “I really [Hate] it”

Why would she talk about how the phone’s small after her mother said she’s not giving her a phone?

These are the things that keep me up at night. Now there’s a lot more cell phone commercials like these that I really hate that I could show you, but to save you all the time I’ll stop myself there. Just to close this post, I would like to say that commercials like these don’t make enough sense. I would never buy any of these phones because of what these commercials say(I still might buy them, just not because of the commercial), because they are too out of touch with what cell phone users want(Cingular’s dropped calls commercial), they are simply lies(T-mobiles auction like conversations commercial), or they flat-out don’t make sense(Cingular’s conversation changing Go Phone commercial).

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