SSBB: Four Kinds of Control

Today the DoJo update their site with a new entry called “Four Kinds of Control”. The entry describes that Brawl will support all four controller configurations, Masahiro Sakurai suggest the GameCube will have the best features to offer thou. He also says that if he has time he will try to explain how the lone Wii-remote will work.

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  1. […] Today, The Dojo added information on user names. The username system will be similar to the one for Melee. You enter you name as you would in a cell phone. Now, I’m pretty sure they’re doing this because it’s easy to recode from the Japanese characters to this setup. Now we have to click two times for every character, in what way is that efficient? Apparently your name is assigned to your controller configuration, which I actually don’t like either, I’d like to easily switch around my setup, but maybe that’s just me. […]

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