Some Problems With Manhunt 2

So recently I haven’t been at post as often as I should have been. So a lot of problems with Manhunt 2 have came up. The game was banned in the UK, banned in Ireland, been issued a AO rating by the ESRB.Surprisingly the AO rating is not due to the fact that the Wii’s controls will simulate murder the closest that any Video game will be. And finally it is reported that Nintendo will not give a license to the current Manhunt 2 on the Wii. Can you smell an Unlicenced game?

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  2. […] Rockstar is had nothing but problems when it come to getting their game, Manhunt 2, published. Well, It appears that they are at least fighting back appealing to the Video Appeals Committee, to reverse the BBFC’s refusal to rate the product. […]

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