Pokémon Opal, DawnSilver, and DuskGold

Remember the second generation of Pokémon gaming, a little land buy the name of Johto; well for now this land is lost. Their is no connection from today’s current line-up of Pokémon games, Diamond and Pearl, to the second generation games. Will we ever see this land again? Well I’m thinking that the the next will be remakes of Silver and Gold, but I know there will be a Pokémon Game featuring Giratini as it’s mascot.


Every portable Nintendo console has seen more than two Pokémon, Their is another Pokémon coming for the DS. And precedence have been set that forces all Pokémon of the same system to be completely compatible, which means the next Pokémon game can’t add any pokémon to the Pokédex. Another precedence is that version mascots and certain other pokémon cannot be both catchable and obtainable from a previous generation game even if they take place in the same region. Example: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres were not present in generation 2 games even though their respective region was present. It a safe bet that you wont see Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza in a game as both obtainable and transferable from a previous generation, simply because it wouldn’t make much sense.


These rule mean that we can’t have another remake of Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald. Every portable system has seen more than two games. So what are the options? Well one could be the version mascot would be Arceus, but Arceus plays the same role as Celebi, Mew, and Deoxys, in that Arceus is to be unobtainable outside a Nintendo event for eternity.

The other option would to have a legendary pokémon that is currently obtainable in the same generation be the mascot like they did with Suicune for crystal, which is allowed by current precedent. The options are Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Regigigas Giratina, Cresselia, Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin. Uxie, Mesprit, or Azelf couldn’t be be the mascot because they are all equal according to the Arceus ledgend. Regigigas, wouldn’t make sense because of his current relationship with last generations Pokémon. He reanimates when all Regi-Pokémon are present, so Regirock, Regice, Registeel must be in the game for him to be unlocked, but that would mean the legendaries would be, obtainable and transferable which is “against the rules.” Next would be Phione or Manaphy, but having these would be a slap in the face to those who obtained these the hard way. Shaymin is yet to be obtainable, but no one would want that kick’um-fuzzball as their versions mascot.I doubt much of a storyline could come from Cresselia. The next options are Darkrai(the Pitch-Black Pokémon), and Giratina(the Renegade Pokémon). Darkrai doesn’t seem like it would fall in line with the who space and time dealie that Heonn story. but Giratina does. Giratina’s head and eyes resemble those of Palkia and Dialga, possable suggesting that they are related. His Pokédex description is as follows: “A Pokémon that is said to live in a world on the reverse side of ours. It appears in an ancient cemetery.” So basically he reject the universe as Palkia and Dialga have structures it. Now that’s a setup for a storyline if I’ve ever heard one. The Giratina’s shiny form is a complete inverse of the common Giratina, I would prefer that Nintendo choose that just to distinguish it from the one in Pearl and Diamond. Team Galactic has problems when the Palkia and Dialga they have captured go out of control, you must capture Giratina to stop Palkia and Dialga, or the universe will be destroyed.


But would that be enough of a refresher to keep Pokémon fans happy, I really don’t think so, but it possible, and if Nintendo plans to only make one game for this handheld generation, this is really the only option. But I think Nintendo will try to milk as many games as they can get. One more wouldn’t be enough. Lugia and Ho-oh are the only Pokémon that were once legitimately obtainable outside a Nintendo event, that are now no longer obtainable the way they once were, they are the only other option outside Giratina. Johto is the only logical next step. We can’t have another Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald. And Johto already host the only other available version mascots.

The concept of Johto starters returning makes sense, the only way to get Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile and their respective evolutions is to get one of them in Emeraldas a reward from Professor Birch for completing the Hoenn Pokédex then transferring them to the current generation.


The main problem is the that the Kanto region and the Elite Four. Gold, Silver, and Crystal all featured the Kanto region with out legendaries and certain changes. I doubt we will have another yet another version of Kanto, because LeafGreen and FireRed are still selling. Nintendo wouldn’t wont to build a game that they already made and are still selling, they only were able to get away with it for Silver and Gold was all the new Pokémon and unseen areas. It’s just as likely they would create a new elite four and areas. What could go along with Johto can only be speculated. The the final four be from the Orange League? Professor Ivy? A whole new area?


Giratini sounds like Giraso which is “an opal that reflects light in a bright luminous glow”. Like Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Pearl, and Diamond, Opal is a Gemstone. Coincidence, I think not. That is definitely a sign that Nintendo plans to make another fourth generation game.

I think we will see something similar to the GBA generation in the fourth generation. 5 games in the same order: two original games(Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire and Pokémon Diamond/Perl), two remakes(FireRed/LeafGreen and DawnSilver/DuskGold) and an enhanced original(Emerald and Opal).

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139 Responses to “Pokémon Opal, DawnSilver, and DuskGold”

  1. Tyguy411 says:

    Since the names “Duskgold” and “Dawnsilver” were trademarked, and with all the hints of a remake, I think it’s safe to say that Gold and Silver will be remade.

    * I don’t want any new pokemon to be the mascot, They have to be Ho-oh and Lugia to be a TRUE remake.
    * being able to trade with d/p and vice versa. And when you get the new pokemon on g/s they should look different than what they did on d/p. in fr/lg they had almost all the pokemon from Hoenn look exactly the same as they did in on r/s.
    * extra content that was not in the original. so even if you played the old one you still have something new to do.

    these games are going to be the BEST GAMES EVER! I also heard that these games are supposed to come out sometime in 2009. not confirmed though.

  2. Eddie says:

    i never played gold silver, or cyrstal version before so itd be nice to play them on the ds i guess. playing at the orange islands sounds cool too.

    but for pokemon opal(the mascot) i dont really think it should be giratina because in all lengendary teams there was:

    zapdos, articuno, moltres: lugia was leader (from movie)
    entei, raikou, suicune: ho-oh was leader (in series he created them)

    regice,regirock,registeel:regigigas(in story of d/p)

    palkia,dialga, giratina:???

    but with it being called opal version, i guess giratina would work but the best choice would be arceus cause then its like he created palkia and dialga so you can guess he created giratina

  3. Cory Morr says:

    “DuskGold and DawnSilver” are fan made names, Nintendo never licensed and trademaked those names for a remake. Bulbapedia even revealed Ninendo has denied every licensing those exclusive brand title names for the G/S remakes. Gold and Silver will be remade for sure just not for another year or 2. DG and/or DS could be titled those names but it isn’t confirmned and just wild rumors. Ho-Oh will be the Mascot for Gold remake again and Lugia will be the Mascot for Silver remake again, Giratina is relevant to,”Fire Opal” inevitabley he will be featured more fimilarly with “Pokemon Opal.” Arceus wouldn’t work because he is an exclusive Nintedo event Pokemon. Think about it,”Giratina=”Fire Opal”+Pokemon Opal version?” How Ironic can you get right? Palkia, Dalkia and Giratina are all similer. Every generation has a trio that focuses the storyline.

  4. BFTRF says:

    It goes without saying, there will be a third game, and in my opinion, just because they remade the first generation doesn’t mean they will do the same with the second, but for the sake of most people saying they enjoyed the G/S/C generation more than that of the more recent ones, as well as Johto pretty much being a ghost region, since the GBC. That wasn’t so with R/B/Y, since it was also featured in G/S/C, due to the fact that they are on the same landmass.

    So a remake of G/S will likely also have Kanto on, as well. If you ditch Kanto, you change the G/S storyline, and the storyline is what made people enjoy the game. I can say that a doubled storyline is what made me enjoy it more than the more recent ones, because you had much more to do.

    As for Opal, the speculation on this currently “faked” game is too broad; in the Anime; or rather, the latest film, Dialga and Palkia are opposed by Darkrai. The story behind that is that he is a Pokemon protecting a place he lived in for years, and thus, he feels a sense to protect it. Some may believe that this may happen in the next adaptation of the games. However, there are only two other options; Giratina or Arceus. Straight away, Arceus is out, because it is a Nintendo Event Pokemon, (unfortunately.. thanks, Nintendo *sarcasm*) and Giratina, though making naming the game a lot easier, doesn’t have a MAJOR connection with Dialga and Palkia, albeit being in a parallel universe to the games’. It fits in with the space and time thing and it is also a third dragon legendary, in the midst of the 4th Generation. However, it is a Legendary you can’t get wo, without having the National Dex. Technically, Giratina shouldn’t be an option, and neither should Darkrai or Arceus. but I think that might be getting a little too picky with the games. After all, it is the first time they have done something like restrict current generation Pokemon until after the National Dex. (although also only the second time they have used the National Dex)

    Who knows? Nintendo will surprise us or show us that we all have sound imaginations, when the time comes.

  5. The Jet says:

    Do You Know What I feel ? I feel like submitting an idea copied form the 3rd gen. You know, a war between lugia & ho-oh with the result shown only when you complete the game. you can also think think
    that dialga/palkia\ or rayquaza can step in to save the day???????????????

  6. austin says:

    giratina is the only option for a mascot because arceus and darkrai are evnt pokemon which means they cant use them as a mascot.they could maybe use the three elf thingies,but they already used them in the plot of d/p,so they are pretty much out of the picture.so giratina is the only resonable mascot.if they make this opal game they definetly need to make extra side quests,d/p were so borin after beating everything on the island in 45min,so more side quests are a must. also they will most likely make remakes of g/s.every one who has ever played all the generations of pokemon will agree this is the best game of all.if nintendo is smart they will make them.these games will makes tons of money.

  7. zatch says:

    i didn’t read all comments so i could be repeating something. sorry bout that but im at school and dont have time to read them.
    very quickly, you have at least one wrong assumption that i saw. you said that all games on a system are completely compatible. WRONG! gold and silver were on the same system as blue red and yellow but they were not fully compatable. They can make a new game on the same system and make it partially compatible since they used a time machine in the gold silver crystal installments. Watch how you make assumptions. you need to establish more that this is all speculation. You have little to no actualy case for guessing the new game basing on old precedence. The company can change whatever they want for the new game and still make it good.

  8. […] Originally Posted by Zatch where in the world are you guys getting this information? i have heard nothing about opal/topaz. not even rumors. Game Influence Pokémon Opal, DawnSilver, and DuskGold the logic written on this article makes alot of sense, check it out. vbmenu_register(“fc748432”, true);   […]

  9. Elmar (2nd generation lover) says:

    Ok, when they gonna make a gold/silver remake, it will be FANTASTIC! You can get the three johto startes lots easier as the other:

    Kanto: migrate from FR/LG
    Johto: complete hoenn dex ONLY at emerald, you can choose only one. So it will be taking centuries to get them al three.
    Hoenn: migrate from R/S/E
    D/P : just choose them.

    So , a G/S remake will be very cool. What i like to see in this remake:

    1. Some new things, like in FR/LG the Sevii Islands, but something more, because i played that out in a half our.
    2. No new mascot, just lugia and ho-oh, because you can get them only by nintendo event.
    3. The same storyline, it’s faraway the best ever.
    4. A new league
    5. Trade with d/p, get the national dex ofcourse.
    6. No kanto, this will be very boring, that’ll be the third time that it will be released.

    So, i heard that nintendo bought the copyrights for Duskgold and Dawnsilver, when it will be released, i will love it forever!

  10. Dave says:

    honestly, if they were to make a game featuring all the regions, it would probably be the LAST pokemon game made. Ever. So i doubt they will make that anytime soon.

  11. KidCasper says:

    Wow, I hate to say it but some people on here are idiots. First:
    Giratina relates to Giraso which is a type of Opal which is a gemstone like Diamond and Pearl. Giratina, Palika, and Dialga are the 3 MAIN dragons in the game, and they have a realtion. So he WILL be the 3rd mascot.

    For Johto: Uh… have you played Diamond and Pearl? Did you see all the Johto references in there? Jasmine (Johto gym leader) making a cameo, along with other talk of Johto (Professor of Johto, Birch I think) Sinnoh and Johto might even be the closest regions to each other. Plus, you can’t get most of the Metal Generation pokemon (most anyway). And last, simple titles is what Nintendo is getting at. You didn’t see Blaze Red, or Forest Green. Just Fire and Leaf. So it most likely will be called Sun and Moon.


  12. Josh says:

    the next pokemon game to cum out is pokemon acanathite ur playin as the guy who stole the pokemon in gold silver and cristal and it explains y here treted his pokemon so bad. in this game his dad gets kidnaped bye a team rocket team i cant remember the name. there as usawal 150 new pokemon i seen them and u now have virus pokemon missingo no it back and evoles into a wicked pokemon and theres 1 called trojan and is a hores virus pokemon and evoles into a wicked pokemon as well. the lededary pokemon look really call much better than previous 1s i have a link sumwhere to the offical site with game clips and charater infomation about wat there to do with u and its got all the pictures of the new cites will look incrediable.and its got the full pokedex of pics of all the new pokemon ill post the link wen i find it

  13. Josh says:

    the next pokemon game to cum out is pokemon acanathinte ur playin as the guy who stole the pokemon in gold silver and cristal and it explains y he treated his pokemon so bad. in this game his dad gets kidnaped bye a team rocket team i cant remember the name. there as usawal 150 new pokemon i seen them and u now have virus pokemon missingo no it back and evoles into a wicked pokemon and theres 1 called trojan and is a hores virus pokemon and evoles into a wicked pokemon as well. the lededary pokemon look really call much better than previous 1s i have a link sumwhere to the offical site with game clips and charater infomation about wat there to do with u and its got all the pictures of the new cites will look incrediable.and its got the full pokedex of pics of all the new pokemon ill post the link wen i find it

  14. Josh says:

    heres the link to 1 but this aint the 1 was was talkin about. let me no wat u think


    im still lookin 4 the proper 1

  15. Josh says:

    here it is the offical new pokemon game enjoy


  16. josh says:

    sum of the old pokemon with new evoles in the new game.a bad chancey is born from a bad egg called Atrosey, and there a third evolution chimeco with is called chimenra, and a 4th porygon called porygon-x3, and a new evolution of kecleon called gekkomodo, and sableye evoles into gremleye, and luvdisc evoles into prodisc, and quilfish evoles into toxiqwil, and mawile evoles into mawtress, and banette evoles into fornette, and missingno evoles into mistrync,

  17. josh says:

    here a link to 1 of the new citys

  18. the man says:

    i like your logic

  19. madmikey says:

    those pics on pokemon acanathinte look kinda…bad. I mean they look cheap compared to d/p ya know? anyway, if they do make a remake of g/s/c, I think that is possible for Giratina to be the mascot. You beat the story line in sinnoh, which includes Giratina, and move on to Johto. Got it? And it would be cool to choose from dark pokemon as your starter. Maybe one version would be focused on good and the other on a renegade type character. Their story lines would meet and you’d have to face the other character. Cool, huh?

  20. madmikey says:

    A first person pkmn game would be cool on DS… with really good graphics, like when you go into certain gyms on d/p.

  21. bleak says:

    wow, that pokemon acanthite looks amazing!! i want it lol wonder when that will be released. they could be pushing it with the new types but missingno’s evolvement looks awesome.

  22. madmikey says:

    are you serious? that looks identical to fr/lg. could be a hack if you ask me. could be a fake endorsement

  23. josh says:

    read that it aint out till 2009

  24. hotSauceJMB says:


  25. madmikey says:

    lets hope that IF it is real that they step up their game on the graphics. i mean make it look at least as good as d/p

  26. Muffins says:

    you are all wrong they are starting alll over with all new pokemon

  27. Thomas says:

    plus, don’t forget about the Gym Leader in Sunnyshore City from Johto. is it Whitney? I don’t remember exactly who it is. but she could easily be the one to take you there after you have completed Sinnoh. just an idea, though…

  28. Andy says:

    To be honest, to me Gold and Silver will always be the best :D

    the 16 gyms, Johto and Kanto. well nothing beat that

    and I loved Crystal because of their animation…and stuff

    if they ever do remake G/S (which i highly doubt), i would personally fly to Japan just to get it

    and the reference to Johto in D/P is just their way of saying ‘oh we’re not making a G/S remake, but this is to show that we still remember who they are’

  29. Brian says:

    I think it should be a good game, however I believe that Crystal was probably the best, because of the the whole storyline with Eusine chasing after Suicuine, plus I wouldnt want to have to only catch Ho-Oh in one and Lugia in another, Id rather catch them both in one game…. however that probably wont be the case. however I’m still waiting for them to make a game (prefeably for the wii so its 3-D like the XD games) where you can go to all regions and encounter all pokemon, but they may have trouble with levels, especially when you reach the last region, but still I think thatd be awsome! oh and also with a game with every region, comes a game where you fight every organization (Team Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Galactic, etc)

  30. madmikey says:

    ehhh, maybe. I seriously doubt it though. I, mean there’d be no reason to buy the other games, unless you already have them all… then it would be kinda repetitive. i’ll be glad when the next game does get here. mystery dungeon SUCKS.

  31. Brian says:

    ouch! haha, actually I wasnt going to get mystery dungeon anyway, didnt seem like my kinda game, I was actually hoping for a pinball one, but whatever, anyway someone should start a site for ideas for an “ultimate pokemon game” where you could go to all the regions…. who knows they may look at the idea, but like you said, cant wait till the next one gets here, I beat diamond and am almost done with pearl

  32. Brian says:

    Platinum would sound like it would be in Johto to go along with Gold and Silver, so perhaps you could catch Lugia and Ho-Oh in it…. if it were named Opal my guess is that it would be in Shinoh to go with Diamond and Pearl

  33. Brian says:

    scrath that, its in Shinoh

  34. jabari says:

    do you like mewtwos with golden armor.

  35. Hamuart says:

    It’s official, the next Pokemon game on DS will be Pokemon Platinum with Giratina as it’s mascot. The game even has it’s own official website now so check it out if you want to, just remember it’s all in japanese. Also there have been screenshots posted around of Gold and Silver remakes with the same graphics that Diamond and Pearl have. They’re easy to find just check youtube.

  36. Late Response says:

    Just to get this out there:
    Gamecube’s PKMN Colosseum and Gale of Darkness make it possible to get both Ho-oh and Lugia onto a GBA game and ultimately onto a DS game, making a G/S remake unneeded.
    why not make a remake of Crystal just to give everyone the joy of Johto again?
    My idea = CrystalClear…!

  37. PokeTom says:

    Gold and Silver are probably the best old games there are. red and blue had some fun glitches but they werent too good on the storyline

  38. charmaine says:


  39. […] The official Japanese Pokémon site has recently confirmed what I, among other people, have predicted. No, not DawnSilver, and DuskGold, once again my guess for the next game’s title was wrong. But, yes that’s right, Nintendo is remaking Pokémon Gold and Silver for the Nintendo DS, they are calling the two titles Pokémon Heart of Gold and Pokémon Soul of Silver. They will be released in Japan later this year(the 10th anniversary of their original Pokémon Gold and Silver), no release date has been set in North Amarica, but everyone is sure that it will come stateside. No other information has really been released, but if you look at what ninendo did to Pokémon FireRed and Pokémon LeafGreen, you can assume that Nintendo will add features from the current generation to the remakes. If any other news comes up, I’ll be sure to report them to you, so check back later. […]

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