Rockstar appeals BBFC’s Manhunt Ban


Rockstar is had nothing but problems when it comes to getting their game, Manhunt 2, published. Well, It appears that they are at least fighting back appealing to the Video Appeals Committee, to reverse the BBFC’s refusal to rate the product.

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2 Responses to “Rockstar appeals BBFC’s Manhunt Ban”

  1. […] Remember that old Rockstar ban appeal? Well it appears that Rockstar, the Publisher of Manhunt 2, appeal to the Video Appeals Committee to overturn the BBFC’s decision not to rate the controversial game on two separate instances was successful. The Video Appeals Committee voted 4-to-3 in Rockstar’s Favor. […]

  2. […] Manhunt 2 will finally be released in the UK, that’s right no more appeals or bans.The BBFC took Video Appeals Committee ruling, but were finally shot down. the game will receive a 18 certificate for release. […]

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