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Game Influence

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

Do video games have a hold on you? Do you play compulsively? Have you isolated yourself from family, friends, or social interaction. Do you feel better betting a boss than achieving something in real life? Gaming has you under it influence. Do games change the way Americans think? The way the world thinks? Gaming has the world under it’s influence.


USB-Keyboard on Wii Clarification

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

As per E-mail request, I’m going to clarify the new USB-Keyboard compatibility for the Wii. As of right now the Keyboard works with the following:

  • Message board messages
  • Typing in search terms for The Wii Shop Channel
  • As of right now the Keyboard does not work with the following:

  • Entering a name for you Mii
  • Suggest a poll question on the Everybody Votes Channel
  • Internet Channel
  • The web browser will most likly support a keyboard in a the future. How do I know? Well in a interview with Opera, it was found that they have to wait for Nintendo to allow support for keyboards.

    PN: The biggest problem (Which is still very small) to do with the Opera browser is that typing can be very slow (especially for novices). There was a rumour that keyboard drivers were a possibility. Does that stand?

    Opera: You will have to check with Nintendo on their plans to offer a keyboard. Opera would not be involved in this.

    Ian Bogost was on the Colbert Report

    Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

    Yesterday, Water Cooler Games’ Ian Bogost was on the Colbert Report. He talked about his new book, Persuasive Games: The Expressive Power of Video Games. check it out.

    SSBB: Kid Icarus: The Underworld

    Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

    You can play Kid Icarus on Virtual Console now. Have you tried it? You should really get a hold of this game and just sink your teeth in.

    In terms of music, I think the most memorable themes for players were the Grim Reaper theme and the Game Over theme.

    For this arrangement, I had these themes incorporated.

    You might imagine it to be a bit forced, but I think it sounds quite good.

    Smash Bros DOJO!!!

    Action Replay, Freeloader, Action Replay MAX, Advance Game Port, SD Media Launcher, and MAX Media Player No Longer Playable on Wii, Manhunt 2 Likely to Not be Playable

    Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

    Action Replay, Freeloader, Action Replay MAX, Advance Game Port, SD Media Launcher, and MAX Media Player are no longer playable on Wii, Apparently due to the V 3.0U update. Looks like Nintendo isn’t allowing unlicensed games to be playable on their systems anymore. Does that mean that we will never see the AO Version of Manhunt II Seeing as thou Nintendo said they would never license an AO game? Also, Wii Action Replay may be effected.