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SSBB: Catch Up – October 4-9

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Sorry for the late updates, I have been busy with school.

On October 4, the DOJO was updated with information onFox’s Final Smash, a move called Landmaster. That’s right the ship fromStar Fox 64 and Star Fox: Assault will be making an appearance in a Brawl.

fox_071004a-l.jpg    fox_071004b-l.jpg    fox_071004c-l.jpg

fox_071004d-l.jpg    fox_071004e-l.jpg    fox_071004f-l.jpg

On October 4 the DOJO was also updated with information on Shielding & Dodging and how they appear in Brawl.

basic06_071004a.jpg    basic06_071004b-l.jpg    basic06_071004c-l.jpg

basic06_071004d-l.jpg    basic06_071004e-l.jpg

On October 5th at the DOJO was updated with information on teams, not regarding VS. mode, but regarding Adventure Mode. That’s right now you can play cooperatives when you play with your friends while playing adventure mode. one of the characters will play the protagonists, while the other character will play as a sidekick.

modea07_071005a-l.jpg    modea07_071005b-l.jpg    modea07_071005c-l.jpg

modea07_071005d-l.jpg    modea07_071005e-l.jpg    modea07_071005f.jpg

On October 8 the DOJO was updated with information onZero Suit Samus’s Special Moves. Her standard special move is paralyzer. Her side special move is plasma whip. Her up special move is plasma wire.

zerosuit_samus_071008a.jpg    zerosuit_samus_071008b-l.jpg

zerosuit_samus_071008c-l.jpg    zerosuit_samus_071008d-l.jpg    zerosuit_samus_071008e-l.jpg    

October 9, the DOJO is updated with information on WarioWare WarioWare: Ashley’s Theme. The music contains vocals, so of course the Japan version is different than English version.

On the same day, the DOJO was updated with information on Kirby’s Final Smash. Basically he cooks his enemies in a pot.

kirby_071009a-l.jpg    kirby_071009b-l.jpg    kirby_071009c-l.jpg

kirby_071009d-l.jpg    kirby_071009e-l.jpg

kirby_071009f-l.jpg    kirby_071009g-l.jpg

In addition to those two updates, the Japanese website received an exclusive update regarding DS Cooking Navi music.

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