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Pac Man and Mario Cameo In South Park

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

If you watch this week’s South Park, you may have noticed two video game characters in Imagination Land. “Who are those two characters?”, you may ask. Well, none other than, Mario and Pac Man. Just a little note, it would like to predict that Butters will imagine a solution to the evils invading Imagination Land on the second episode.

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SSBB: Catch Up October, 12-18

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

On October 12, the DOJO was updated with information on snapshots. That’s right, snapshots are making a return to Smash Bros. To take a snapshot simply pause the game, and snap away. You can also store your pictures on SD card, the pictures can be transferred through Nintendo WFC. In the last picture there is something that is blurred out, this is a yet to be announced feature. Could be some sort of online service where you rank pictures on a leaderboard? Who knows. It has was also announced that day, that Super Smash Bros. Brawl will now be released on February 10, rather than the holiday season.

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On October 15, the DOJO was updated with information on New Pork City, the Mother series stage. Masahiro Sakurai says that the stage’s size is comparable with that of Melee’s Hyrule Temple. Ultimate Chimera, a giant pink monster, will also be making an appearance on the stage.

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October 16, the DOJO was updated with information on STADIUM: Home-Run Contest. Just like in Melee, the Home-Run Contestis a competition where players see how far they can hit a sandbag in less than 10 seconds. The strategy is just as it was in Melee, fill up the bag with damage, and grab the bat and let it rip. There is however several changes. First off, the stadium is now covered by a shield which keeps your character from falling. Next change, two players can compete in cooperation with each other, or play against each other. in addition to that online competitions are also available for the Home-Run Contest.

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On October 17, the DOJO finally delivered that explanation of the Wii remote control scheme that was promised to us a long time ago.


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Meowth returns to Smash Bros. series, the first time we see Meowth since his appearance in Super Smash Bros. for the N64. What’s his move? Pay Day of course. He throws coins, or as they are referred to Japanese DOJO 小判(Koban). On the N64 game, Meowth seemed to be two-dimensional and did not appear as if he was actually on the stage.


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Finally, the DOJO was updated today with information on Little Mac, an Assist Trophy. you may remember Little Mac, from Punch out. He uses dashes, punches, and uppercuts to fight your enemies.


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