SSBB: PictoChat


Yesterday, the DOJO was updated with information on a stage called PictoChat. PictoChat is of course based on the program packed in with the Nintendo DS’s firmware. while battling on the stage, you may notice that the drawings in the background change. These new drawings can either be platforms or hazards. The music accompanying this stage can either be PictoChat, Mii Channel, Wii Channell, of Brain Age: Train Your Brain and Minutes a Day.

stage15_071022b-l.jpg    stage15_071022c-l.jpg    stage15_071022d-l.jpg

stage15_071022e-l.jpg    stage15_071022f-l.jpg

stage15_071022g-l.jpg    stage15_071022h-l.jpg    stage15_071022i-l.jpg

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