SSBB: Target Smash and Videos

Today the DOJO was updated with information on target practice. That’s right, target practices returns once again to the Super Smash Bros. franchise, but now it’s bigger and better than ever. You still have to break 10 targets in a set amount of time, but now speed runners get a new helping of speed running goodness. The mini game has five stages, and five levels of difficulty, making a total of 25 possible ways to play. The stages also take place outside, unlike in previous games of the franchise.

various09_071024a-l.jpg      various09_071024b-l.jpg

various09_071024c-l.jpg      various09_071024d-l.jpg

Sakurai also state something that “appears to sound like” a reverse double negative; “There is another announcement I’d like make simultaneously.” What’s his announcement? Willie says that these three minute speech runs can be recorded, and the recording can be sent through Nintendo’s 24 connect service. Personally I believe that that should’ve been the title of the entry, rather than “target smash”.


Smash Bros DOJO!!!

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