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Pac Man and Mario Cameo In South Park

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

If you watch this week’s South Park, you may have noticed two video game characters in Imagination Land. “Who are those two characters?”, you may ask. Well, none other than, Mario and Pac Man. Just a little note, it would like to predict that Butters will imagine a solution to the evils invading Imagination Land on the second episode.

Picture 11.jpg

Picture 12.jpg

SSBB: Catch Up October, 12-18

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

On October 12, the DOJO was updated with information on snapshots. That’s right, snapshots are making a return to Smash Bros. To take a snapshot simply pause the game, and snap away. You can also store your pictures on SD card, the pictures can be transferred through Nintendo WFC. In the last picture there is something that is blurred out, this is a yet to be announced feature. Could be some sort of online service where you rank pictures on a leaderboard? Who knows. It has was also announced that day, that Super Smash Bros. Brawl will now be released on February 10, rather than the holiday season.

various07_071012a-l.jpg    various07_071012b-l.jpg    various07_071012c-l.jpg

various07_071012d-l.jpg    various07_071012e-l.jpg    various07_071012f-l.jpg


On October 15, the DOJO was updated with information on New Pork City, the Mother series stage. Masahiro Sakurai says that the stage’s size is comparable with that of Melee’s Hyrule Temple. Ultimate Chimera, a giant pink monster, will also be making an appearance on the stage.

stage14_071015a-l.jpg    stage14_071015b-l.jpg    stage14_071015c-l.jpg

stage14_071015d-l.jpg    stage14_071015e-l.jpg

October 16, the DOJO was updated with information on STADIUM: Home-Run Contest. Just like in Melee, the Home-Run Contestis a competition where players see how far they can hit a sandbag in less than 10 seconds. The strategy is just as it was in Melee, fill up the bag with damage, and grab the bat and let it rip. There is however several changes. First off, the stadium is now covered by a shield which keeps your character from falling. Next change, two players can compete in cooperation with each other, or play against each other. in addition to that online competitions are also available for the Home-Run Contest.

various08_071016a-l.jpg    various08_071016b-l.jpg    various08_071016c-l.jpg

various08_071016d-l.jpg    various08_071016e-l.jpg    various08_071016f-l.jpg

various08_071016g-l.jpg    various08_071016h-l.jpg    various08_071016i-l.jpg

On October 17, the DOJO finally delivered that explanation of the Wii remote control scheme that was promised to us a long time ago.


basic07_071017b-l.jpg        basic07_071017c-l.jpg

basic07_071017e-l.jpg        basic07_071017f.jpg

Meowth returns to Smash Bros. series, the first time we see Meowth since his appearance in Super Smash Bros. for the N64. What’s his move? Pay Day of course. He throws coins, or as they are referred to Japanese DOJO 小判(Koban). On the N64 game, Meowth seemed to be two-dimensional and did not appear as if he was actually on the stage.


mball06_071017b-l.jpg  mball06_071017c-l.jpg  mball06_071017d-l.jpg

Finally, the DOJO was updated today with information on Little Mac, an Assist Trophy. you may remember Little Mac, from Punch out. He uses dashes, punches, and uppercuts to fight your enemies.


assist10_071018b-l.jpg      assist10_071018c-l.jpg

assist10_071018d-l.jpg    assist10_071018e-l.jpg    assist10_071018f-l.jpg

Smash Bros. DOJO!!!

Virtual Console Update: October 15, 2007

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007



Oct. 15, 2007

This week marks the first appearance of a CD-ROM game for the TurboGrafx16 on Virtual Console™. Take control of the Hunting Dog ship and battle deadly Obbellon fighters in the classic horizontal sci-fi shooter, Gate of Thunder. If shooting’s not your thing, you can go out and save the world from evil demons or a power-hungry general in this week’s other offerings that bolster the Wii Shop Channel’s catalog of action-adventure and real-time strategy games.

Three new classic games go live at 9 a.m. Pacific time. Nintendo adds new games to the Wii Shop Channel every Monday. Wii™ owners with a high-speed Internet connection can redeem Wii Points™ to download the games. Wii Points can be purchased in the Wii Shop Channel or at retail outlets. This week’s new games are:

Ninja Gaiden II™: The Dark Sword of Chaos (NES®, 1 player, rated E for Everyone – Mild Violence, 500 Wii Points): In Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos, a new villain, Ashtar, is revealed. Take on the role of Ryu Hayabusa and rescue Irene Lew, a former CIA agent, from Ashtar. Destroy the Sword of Chaos, a weapon of great power forged from the bone of a demon. Use techniques such as the Fire Wheel or the Windmill Throwing Star and attack while holding on to walls and ladders. Use the most innovative technique of all – the ability to create Shadow Clones, orange shadow versions of Ryu that will constantly follow him, repeating previous actions (moving or attacking) in a delayed cycle. Once again defeat henchmen, creatures and bosses with new fighting techniques and even more weapons as you progress through multiple stages on your way to destroying Ashtar, Jaquio and the Realm of Chaos.

Metal Marines® (Super NES®, 1 player, rated E for Everyone – Fantasy Violence, 800 Wii Points): Set in the near future, most of Earth’s land has been disintegrated in the chaos of the Anti-matter War. This real-time strategy game portrays the Colonies’ Allied Force – the Metal Marines – in their epic struggle against General Zorgeuf and the Imperial Federation, who are bent on world domination. Commanding the Metal Marines across a series of battles, the player must strategically allocate resources, ready supplies, manage funds and move troops in an effort to outwit and outmove the opponent. The real-time battle system rewards split-second decisions and adaptability in the struggle for military superiority. Unlike most turn-based strategy games, Metal Marines engrosses the player in a fast-paced and frantic battle in which both sides advance simultaneously. A constant eye must be kept on enemy movements to maintain a formidable defense and not miss the perfect chance to strike. Strategic foresight and quick judgment hold the key to victory.

Gate of Thunder (TurboGrafx16, 1 player, rated E for Everyone – Fantasy Violence, 800 Wii Points): The legendary sci-fi shooter is back! Gate of Thunder is a horizontal side-scrolling shooter that places you in control of special undercover agent Hawk, whose mission is to stop the deadly army of Obbellon fighters. Jump into the action as Hawk gets aboard his ship, the Hunting Dog, and heads out toward the enemy. Blast through stages while effectively using all three of the weapons at your disposal and receiving support from ally Wild Cat ships. Switch through equippable power-up options on the fly to change the direction of your attack. You’ll have to blast in front of and behind you to survive all seven stages. Hard-core shooting-game fans looking for a challenge can select HARD or DEVIL mode to experience even more intense action!

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Link’s Crossbow Training Screen Shoots

Friday, October 12th, 2007


1547121367_29388cf4f0.jpg    1547122039_24cb0b2074.jpg    1547123251_17dd20ce50.jpg

1547991564_1154ae727d.jpg    1547124747_a55fc84550.jpg    1547123987_5798811d75.jpg

Motorcycles in Mario Kart Wii

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

A collection of Mario Kart screen shots have raced their way to the Internet. Surprisingly some of the characters are driving motorcycles. It appears that the driving styles between the two types of vehicles are very different, but knowing Nintendo, it’ll probably balance out.

mario_cart_wii_1.sized.jpg    mario_cart_wii_2.sized.jpg

mario_cart_wii_3.sized.jpg    mario_cart_wii_4.sized.jpg

mario_cart_wii_5.sized.jpg    mario_cart_wii_6.jpg

mario_cart_wii_6.jpg    mario_cart_wii_7.sized.jpg

mario_cart_wii_8.sized.jpg    mario_cart_wii_9.sized.jpg


It appears that it appears that the Kycles(not cycles) will be able to do wheelies. Below is a new low quality video including some footage of some interesting features. One thing that I believe is new is confirmation of Baby Mario’s presence in the game,

Online Player EX

Video of the Day: October 11, 2007

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Video of the day

I caught this video on a friend’s blog, and I thought to myself, I just have to post it. The following video is, what I believe to be, the best Halo 3 review out there.

Wii Firmware Version 3.1U

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

On October 9, Nintendo sent out three messages through the Wii’s internal messaging system. The first message included information, informing Wii owners that a new system update was available. The new update includes partial inclusion of keyboard functionality. Get full use of keyboard functionality you must do as the message states. You must go to Wii Shop Channel, and download the updated Internet Channel and Everybody Votes Channel. After downloading updates you can now use the keyboard and many more functions of the Internet Channel and Everybody Votes Channel. The update also allowed users to insert links into their messages. And surprisingly, even though two messages included references to websites these links were not present. To insert link you must type “http://” before the address.

Dear Customer,

We would like to inform you that you can now update your Wii Menu to version 3.1. To do this, please select the “Update” button at the bottom of your screen.

Please note that you can now use a USB keyboard with the Wii Menu.

Please go to to learn which keyboards can be used.

**If you’ve updated your system on or after October 10, you may already have the latest version of the system software and do not need to perform this update again.

Dear Customer,

We’d like to inform you that the Everybody Votes Channel has been updated to work with Wii Menu version 3.1. We recommend that you download the latest version of the Everybody Votes Channel if you have not already done so.

You can download the latest version of the Everybody Votes Channel through the WiiWare section of the Wii Shop Channel.

Updating or Downloading the Channel [Both are free of charge.]

1- Select the Wii Shop Channel from the Wii Menu.
2- Select the Everybody Votes Channel from the WiiWare section, and download the software.

The Wii User Agreements have been updated and are effective as of October 10, 2007.

Dear Customer,

Because you and your use of the Wii Network Service are subjected to the updated user agreements, we strongly recommend that you review the updated agreements by selecting the Wii icon located on the lower-left portion of the Wii Channel menu, selecting “Wii Settings,” accessing the “Internet” setting, and selecting “User Agreements.”

You may also review the updated Wii User Agreements at


Opera has also announced that they would be allowing widgets, such as calendars and internet radios, to work with the Wii Internet browser. To see these with its click the following link.

SSBB: Sonic

Thursday, October 11th, 2007



sonic_071010a-l.jpg    sonic_071010b-l.jpg

sonic_071010c-l.jpg    sonic_071010d-l.jpg

Ever since the April 2002 edition of Electronic Gaming Monthly made a hoax that Sonic and Tails were unlockable in Super Smash Bros. Melee, gamers have been begging to see the inclusion of Sonic in Brawl. Well now, those gamers prayers have been answered, recently the DOJO has updated their site with information on Sonic.

In addition to that, the dojo was also updated to videos entitled “Sonic the Hedgehog Joins the Brawl!” and “Nintendo Conference Fall 2007 Movie”.



In addition to that, today the DOJO was updated with Sonics Side Special Move, Spin Dash and his Down Special Move’s, Spin Charge, two things should be very familiar with those who are accustomed to the Sonic world.

sonic_071011a-l.jpg    sonic_071011b-l.jpg    sonic_071011c-l.jpg

sonic_071011d-l.jpg          sonic_071011e-l.jpg

sonic_071011f-l.jpg        sonic_071011g-l.jpg

Smash Bros. DOJO!!!

SSBB: Catch Up – October 4-9

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Sorry for the late updates, I have been busy with school.

On October 4, the DOJO was updated with information onFox’s Final Smash, a move called Landmaster. That’s right the ship fromStar Fox 64 and Star Fox: Assault will be making an appearance in a Brawl.

fox_071004a-l.jpg    fox_071004b-l.jpg    fox_071004c-l.jpg

fox_071004d-l.jpg    fox_071004e-l.jpg    fox_071004f-l.jpg

On October 4 the DOJO was also updated with information on Shielding & Dodging and how they appear in Brawl.

basic06_071004a.jpg    basic06_071004b-l.jpg    basic06_071004c-l.jpg

basic06_071004d-l.jpg    basic06_071004e-l.jpg

On October 5th at the DOJO was updated with information on teams, not regarding VS. mode, but regarding Adventure Mode. That’s right now you can play cooperatives when you play with your friends while playing adventure mode. one of the characters will play the protagonists, while the other character will play as a sidekick.

modea07_071005a-l.jpg    modea07_071005b-l.jpg    modea07_071005c-l.jpg

modea07_071005d-l.jpg    modea07_071005e-l.jpg    modea07_071005f.jpg

On October 8 the DOJO was updated with information onZero Suit Samus’s Special Moves. Her standard special move is paralyzer. Her side special move is plasma whip. Her up special move is plasma wire.

zerosuit_samus_071008a.jpg    zerosuit_samus_071008b-l.jpg

zerosuit_samus_071008c-l.jpg    zerosuit_samus_071008d-l.jpg    zerosuit_samus_071008e-l.jpg    

October 9, the DOJO is updated with information on WarioWare WarioWare: Ashley’s Theme. The music contains vocals, so of course the Japan version is different than English version.

On the same day, the DOJO was updated with information on Kirby’s Final Smash. Basically he cooks his enemies in a pot.

kirby_071009a-l.jpg    kirby_071009b-l.jpg    kirby_071009c-l.jpg

kirby_071009d-l.jpg    kirby_071009e-l.jpg

kirby_071009f-l.jpg    kirby_071009g-l.jpg

In addition to those two updates, the Japanese website received an exclusive update regarding DS Cooking Navi music.

Smash Bros DOJO!!!

Virtual Console Update: October 8, 2007

Monday, October 8th, 2007



Oct. 8, 2007

This week, Nintendo adds another delicious category to its smorgasbord of classic titles. NEOGEO games will now be appearing in the Wii Shop Channel for download. NEOGEO becomes the sixth platform represented in the Wii Shop Channel, and it adds additional depth and breadth to the best selection of classic games available.

Hard-core gamers will especially appreciate the vibrant, arcade-quality graphics and the ability to finally play games they might have missed during the NEOGEO heyday. The first NEOGEO offering includes three fighting games that are a mix of familiar franchises and cult classics. Dive in and check out the deep game play, diverse characters and special moves and combos.

The three new classic games go live at 9 a.m. Pacific time. Nintendo adds new games to the Wii Shop Channel every Monday. Wii™ owners with a high-speed Internet connection can redeem Wii Points™ to download the games. Wii Points can be purchased in the Wii Shop Channel or at retail outlets. This week’s new games are:

FATAL FURY (NEOGEO, 1-2 players, rated T for Teen – Violence, 900 Wii Points): Released in 1991 and one of the longest-running series in the fighting-game genre, this title introduced players to Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard and Joe Higashi. Select one of the three and visit many locations as your chosen fighter engages in numerous street fights around the fictional city of South Town. If you’re good enough, you’ll eventually take on Billy Kane and then his boss, the notorious crime lord Geese Howard. Use each fighter’s own finishing maneuver and battle in two different planes on the screen, one in the foreground and the other farther away in the background. The game also features a two-player mode that is well known for its unique setup, which allows fighters to both fight and help each other. Do you have what it takes to win the King of Fighters tournament?

(NEOGEO, 1-2 players, rated T for Teen – Animated Blood, Violence, 900 Wii Points): A fighting game released in 1992 featuring eight characters, including Hanzo, Janne and Rasputin, modeled on historical figures from throughout the ages. The fighters compete against each other to become the world’s toughest combatant, with players using a setup consisting of only three buttons (one each for punching, kicking and throwing). Adding to this unique system is the fact that the strength of your offensive blow depends on how long the button is pressed and held. Along with regular match styles, Death Match mode is also available and features mines, electrified ropes and other dangerous objects in the battle arena that can change conditions during the fight or damage players. Enjoy the wide range of combat forms as you take on history’s best!

ART OF FIGHTING(NEOGEO, 1-2 players, rated T for Teen – Animated Blood, Violence, 900 Wii Points): This fighting game, released in 1992, began the story of the Sakazaki family and Robert Garcia, further developed in two later sequels. Yuri Sakazaki has been abducted by Mr. Big to punish her father, Takuma, and her brother, Ryo. To rescue her, Ryo and Robert must take on numerous enemies around South Town, eventually reaching the mysterious Mr. Karate. The passion of the game’s creators is evident in the unique game-play elements introduced. These include an energy gauge that is depleted every time a fighter uses a special maneuver, Desperation Attacks that are usable only when a fighter’s health is low and camera zooming that adjusts on the fly as fighters move around the stage. All these features ensure that players use strategy and tactics, rather than simply mash buttons. Adding to the mix are little touches such as characters showing cuts when they are injured and voice-over samples during cut scenes. Can you perfect the art of fighting and save Yuri?

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PAL Virtual Console Update: October 5, 2007

Sunday, October 7th, 2007


Sorry for the late update.

Australia and Europe

Neo Geo

  • Super Thunder Blade

Mega Drive

  • Streets of Rage 3
  • Landstalker
  • Golden Axe III
  • Streets of Rage 3

Crimson/Onyx DS Now Available

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007


Nintendo has recently announced that they would be shipping the Crimson/Onyx that originally came with Brain Age 2, but now as a stand-alone. The Nintendo DS systems with the new color scheme will be sold for $129.99(the standard price).


Oct. 2, 2007

Playing the new two-tone Crimson/Onyx Nintendo DS™ is sure to get you noticed. Just like the hottest new cell phones and MP3 players, it combines incredible functionality with a sweet look: bright red coupled with smooth black.

The new Crimson/Onyx system is now available in stores at an MSRP of $129.99. Previously it could only be purchased as part of a bundle with Brain Age™ 2: More Training in Minutes a Day. It’s the latest addition to the color palette for Nintendo DS, which continues to sell well around the world.

For more information about Nintendo DS, please visit

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SSBB: Excitebike Assist Trophy

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007


Today the DOJO was updated with information on the Assist Trophy, Exitebike. That’s right the pixilated masterpiece that is Excitebike will be aiding brawlers as they fight it out. Don’t be fooled by the look of these little pixelated creatures, they pack quite a punch.

assist09_071003b-l.jpg    assist09_071003c-l.jpg

assist09_071003d-l.jpg    assist09_071003e-l.jpg

Smash Bros. DOJO!!!