Tracking Fingers with the Wii? Wii EyeToy? DS Camera?

I just saw this video on YouTube. It’s pretty interesting, but left me with a few questions. Specifically will the Wii ever get an Eyetoy, and will America ever see a Nintendo DS that usilizes a camera?

Outside of archiving “multipoint touchscreen emulation”, this doesn’t achieve much more than the EyeToy/PlayStation Eye can do. But multipoint touchscreen emulation has a very rich future, You could play guitar with out having any weird accessories. On a computer, you could have multiple players/users. Multipoint touchscreen include direct manipulation through intuitive gestures, that is your future DS.


Outside “multipoint touchscreen emulation”, this is basically useless, because everything else the this could be used for on the Wii, could be done using an Eyetoy. Also the Nintendo DS needs a video input, but I pretty much guartee we will not see what I want for the DS, because a video capture device is used in the Japanese game Otona No DS Kao Training which is a Face Training program. Amarica will not see the program, another program that uses the camera or the camera itself for two reasons. First, because Americans don’t do face training and simply they would have to do a lot more programing to get the DS to pick up the variety of looks of American faces. If they would actually tried to pack the amount o code to recognize the spectrum of American faces, their isn’t a doubt in my mind that the game would be 128 Mb in size, resulting in a slow read speed, and you can’t have a slow read speed with that much going on at once. So they would have to make a version for all the colors of the rainbow, and I don’t see a game being sold as “Face Training: African American Addition” being a could idea for Nintendo’s public image. Simply put, the game would be a failure. Second, the camera doesn’t rotate, so it’s always facing you, meaning the games could only receive input from your face, one of your hands. We wouldn’t get all the wonderful Game Boy Camera like games that we are craving. We won’t get another camera, because gamers in Japan that have boughten the camera, would not buy another camera for obvious reasons.

Hopefully, If Nintendo introduced a camera capture accessory for the Wii, they wont screw it up like they did for the Nintendo DS.

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