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Nyko Unveils Wireless Wii Nunchuck

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

People have been begging for a wireless numchuck since the Wii was released, around that time reports serviced of Nintendo planning to release a wireless numchuck. Well IGN reported today that Nintendo will be beaten to the punch by Nyko with there new 2.4-GHz wireless nunchuck alternative. A power button on both the receiver that connects to the Wii remote and a power button on the wireless nunchuck will turn the connection on and off.


Nyko’s new nunchuck should work just as well as Nintendo’s product. It should be available at CES next month. No information about price has been released. As far as anyone can see, the product will be called simply the Wireless Nunchuck, but I hope they come up with something more creative then that. I will finally able to play Rayman with out worrying about wire whip.



SSBB: Catch Up – X: Tunnel Scene, The Battle for the Smash Ball, and King Dedede’s Final Smash

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

First up, On December 5, the DOJO was updated with a sample of X: Tunnel Scene, a song inspired by the Japan-only Game Boy game called X(エックス).

In addition to that entry, The DOJO was also described what is involved in trying to get the Smash Ball, in an entry called The Battle for the Smash Ball. First the Smash Ball appears, then users use different methods to secure their way to the Smash Ball. To actualy uses the Smash Ball, The player must continually attack it until the ball breaks. Once the Smash Ball is used, some opponents can try to avoid the Smash Attack.

technique09_071205a-l.jpg      technique09_071205b-l.jpg

technique09_071205c-l.jpg    technique09_071205d-l.jpg    technique09_071205e-l.jpg

technique09_071205f-l.jpg      technique09_071205g-l.jpg

Today, the DOJO was updated with information on King Dedede‘s Final Smash, a move called Waddle Dee Army. He calls his Waddle Dees and spike-headed Gordos and uses them to attack his enemies.

technique09_071205g-l.jpg      kingdedede_071206a-l.jpg

kingdedede_071206b-l.jpg      kingdedede_071206c-l.jpg

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