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Helene Keeley and Glenn Coffee Now Backing Video Game Industry

Friday, December 7th, 2007

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Democratic State Representative Helene Keeley has worked with Jack Thompson to bring video game legislation to Delaware, but it now appears that she is backing, along with Lt. Governor John Carney, the Entertainment Software Rating Board(ESRB). She has said the following:

The ESRB ratings are an effective and informative resource that allows parents to decide if the video game their child wants is appropriate, and parents should be sure to check the rating each time they consider a game for their child so they know they’re choosing one that’s right for their age,” added Rep. Keeley. “I’m proud to be participating in the effort to educate parents in our state about the tools at their disposal so they can make informed decisions.

That would be the second second elected official this week to leave the “Dark Force” and join the Pro-ESRB bandwagon. The first was Republican Oklahoma State Senator Glenn Coffee. Glenn Coffee was known for his support of the Oklahoma’s 2006 video game law, a piece of legislation attacking the Video Game Industry and the ESRB. He is now working with the ESRB on a parental awareness program.

As a father, I know about the tough decisions parents face today about the media they allow into their homes, The simple fact is that there’s no substitute for parental involvement and responsibility. It’s important that parents play an active role in choosing games for their children, just as it’s important for Oklahoma retailers to comply with their store policies that restrict the sale or rental of M-rated games to those under 17. ESRB ratings are an effective and informative resource that allows parents to decide if the video game their child wants is appropriate. I’m proud to be educating parents in our state about the tools at their disposal.

I’m glad to see these two anti-gaming legislators see the light, let’s hope more follow in their steps.

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SSBB: With Anyone/Basic Brawl

Friday, December 7th, 2007

Today, the DOJO further explained the With Anyone component of Super Smash Bros. Brawl‘s online play. If you want to play a game but don’t have any friends or don’t have friends online then you can just search the world for someone to play with. You can chose to play a Team Battle or Basic Brawl. There’s no rooms, you go directly to the character-selection screen. When you connect to someone, you’ll see their status at the bottom of the screen. You have 45 seconds to pick your character, before a random character is selected for you. Then you’ll be whisked away to the stage selection; The stage and items are determined by a lottery. While the game loads you Practice on Sandbag. then the game starts.

In With Anyone/Basic Brawl Names won’t be shown and messages won’t be sent. If you get cut off, your character will get taken over by the CPU without your opponents even knowing, which I think is pretty lame. it’s also worth noting that you can play the characters you unlock in battles.

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