Rockstar’s Manhunt 2 Appeal Against BBFC Ban Finlay Successfully


Remember that old Rockstar ban appeal? Well it appears that Rockstar, the Publisher of Manhunt 2, appeal to the Video Appeals Committee to overturn the BBFC’s decision not to rate the controversial game on two separate instances was successful. The Video Appeals Committee voted 4-to-3 in Rockstar’s Favor.

Although Rockstar did win against the BBFC’s in reversing the decision to not rate the game, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the game will ever see the light of day, the BBFC still can still do some things to make the appeal useless, and can still technically ban it. If and when the BBFC reviews the game I can assure you that their biases against Rockstar will come into play.

The BBFC twice rejected Manhunt 2 for its focus on varied and cumulative killings.

We recognise that rejection is a very serious step, in which the desire of publishers to market their games, and that of gamers to buy them, must be balanced against the public interest, including the full range of possible harm risks to vulnerable individuals and to any children who may be wrongly exposed to such games.

Such balancing judgements are inevitably complex and multi-faceted, and are made only after very careful consideration of the contents of a work. We played Manhunt 2 for well over 30 hours prior to our decision.

The Board recognizes that the available research findings on the effects of video games (including positive as well as harmful effects) are varied and contested. But we continue to believe that a broad approach to the possible risks is needed, which goes beyond purely behavioral harm, and which also takes account of other possible effects on the sensibilities and attitudes of individuals.

Personal I believe that the BBFC is grossly overstepped there area of power, the whole system is flawed. It’s illegal to supply any recording(Game) that has not been specifically certified BBFC, the BBFC has the responsibility to review all games. If the BBFC refuses to review a video game, it should be considered to not be a video game, because the BBFC has the responsibility to review video game. Simply but if the BBFC doesn’t rate a game, It shouldn’t be considered a video game, than therefor doesn’t need a rating, and should be considered to be like a computer software title or operating system, which do not have such ratings. I challenge you to fight that logic.


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