SSBB: Mario Circuit, Waluigi, and Stafy

Last Thursday, The DOJO was updated with, the stage, Mario Circuit, as it appear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The stage is in the center of a figure-eight course, players duke it out were all havoc occurs. Shy-Guys can come flying in from the left, or riding towards the players perspective. But it’s not all danger, You can hit the Mario-Kart-Goers to make them wipe-out.

stage19_071213a-l.jpg      stage19_071213b-l.jpg

stage19_071213c-l.jpg    stage19_071213d-l.jpg    stage19_071213e-l.jpg

On Friday, the DOJO was updated with Waluigi, an Assist Trophy. So that means that Waluigi will not be a playable character.


assist14_071214c-l.jpg      assist14_071214b-l.jpg

assist14_071214d-l.jpg      assist14_071214e-l.jpg

On the same day, the DOJO was update with the Assist Trophy from 伝説のスタフィー(Densetsu no Stafy). He’s pretty much just a nuisance, meaning he’s weak. One unique thing about him, is he can be attacked, unlike other Assist Trophies.


assist13_071214c-l.jpg    assist13_071214b-l.jpg    assist13_071214d-l.jpg

assist13_071214e-l.jpg      assist13_071214f-l.jpg

Smash Bros DOJO!!!

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