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Wii Maintenance Mode

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

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After pushing buttons to see if I could find any easter eggs, like the children laughing start up for the GameCube, I found that if you push the – and +, then push the A button on start up, you start you Wii in a mysterious Maintenance Mode. I wonder what it’s for. The only changes I found, out side of the obvious no Messages Boards, was a modified display for the Forecast and Photo Channel.

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Wiid is a Gateway Console

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

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Ubisoft creative director Clint Hocking, was at the 2007 Montreal Independent Games Summit, an was in a panel of industry experts. A2M creative director Patrick Fortier said talked about how the Wii are creating peoples interest in new things. Hocking continued the flow of conversation by stating the following:

I just hope it becomes that. They talk about marijuana as the gateway drug, I hope the Wii is the gateway console. I hope someone’s grandmother gets bored of playing Wii Tennis and moves to Zelda, by herself, even if she struggles with it and you have to help her, I hope she appreciates what’s amazing about it.

I definitely agree, the Wii is definitely turning on it’s users to other aspects of gaming, playing hardcore games, that they would not be playing, if not for the Wii.

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Japan Gets Snowmen While the Rest of the World Get Clouds

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

I noticed this when I first downloaded the Forecast Channel, one very bizarre aspect of the Wii’s Forecast Channel is the Icons used to display a general description of the weather. Looking at places like the United States, you see some dull icons, you know the standard graphical cloud maybe with rain or snow on it, but if you get the information for cities in Japan, you get “fun” icons, like umbrellas, cartoon clouds, the Japanese style sun, and even a a cute little snowman. My question is, “why can’t we have the cute little snowman?”

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I was trying to find the weather for were my sister lives, dsfdfgdfgsdf, I was surprised to find only one location in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan was shown in the Wii’s Forcast Channel, population of more than 300,000. Easter Island, with a population of only less than 4,000, weather is shown. Upper Peninsula of Michigan has a population of more than 300,000. Now in areas of high population, like New York, you see clusters of information, you see the weather for areas just a few miles from each other. Someone who lives in these areas doesn’t need that much accuracy, don’t you think it would be a little more helpful to put Doesn’t that seem a little unhelpful, wouldn’t it make more sense to put a weather report in an area located 100s of miles from another report than to put in next to one thats 2 miles closer than another.

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Another weird thing about the Forecast Channel involves it’s rotation of the 3D globe, well not weird, will just unnecessary. The rotation of the globe doesn’t allow you to pass through the south poll, tho it’s not a big deal, almost not worth mentioning but it would be slightly more fun spinning the globe with no restrictions.