Life Size Link Woodcarving: The Project Starts

For those of you who don’t know, probably everyone, I am a professional Chainsaw Carver. So what does that have to do with Game Influence? Well, I’ve have had hopes to make a “special carving” for sometime. Well, in the winter I’m usually low on orders, so I though it’s time to put the project into gear, and get started. So what type of things have I made? I’ve made bears frogs, birds, Tiki gods, squirrels, roses, hearts, and even a Donkey Kong. Below is a picture of a James Bond I did last spring; it took 30+ hours.


So what’s this project? I’m going to carve a life size carving of Link, of The Legend Of Zelda franchise. First off, I had to pick the pose and version of Link that I wanted. I considered basing the carving on different pictures found on the internet. Instead of just using a picture, I decided that I should just buy a figurine. I got a The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess figurine set at a store called Game Quest; pretty cool figurines I might add. I’m going to use the Link figurine as the basis for the piece.

42.jpg    43.jpg    44.jpg

The day after I picked up the figurines, I picked the log that I will make the piece out of, it’s pretty big, at least six feet tall, but it will most likely be slimmed down slightly.


I’m doing the carving to my own satisfaction so the time and effort restrictions that are usually the case in creating my pieces are not going to be factored into the project. I might spend as much as 100 hours on this piece(or even more), more than I have spent on any other carving to date. This might just be my magnum opus, and I know fans of The Legend of Zelda franchise wont be upset.

I may be selling this carving, so if you’re interested in it, keep a look out on Game Influence. For a more frequent and updated status of the project, check the Link or Mario Carving? post on the Insane Entertainment Forum.

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