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PAL Virtual Console Update: January 31, 2008

Thursday, January 31st, 2008


Australia and Europe

    Nintendo Entertainment System

    • Adventures of Lolo 2

Video of the Day: January 31, 2008

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Video of the day

Yahtzee Croshaw reviews Clive Barker’s Jericho for the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

SSBB: Future Updates, Introduction Movie, Brawl, First Songs, and Vault

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

On January 28, the DOJO opened up “The Vault” in a matter of words. Actually the Vault entry gave us a lot of what we already know, but did offer a few new nuggets of Information. Multiplayer brawls, Home-Run Contest, Target Smash, and Cruel Brawls are recordable. And Super Smash Bros. Brawl has a “Chronicle”, which list Games from Nintendo’s past, which will gradually fill in as you obtain stickers and other things related to those games.

various24_080128a-l.jpg      various24_080128b-l.jpg

various24_080128c-l.jpg    various24_080128d-l.jpg    various24_080128e-l.jpg

various24_080128f-l.jpg    various24_080128g-l.jpg    various24_080128h-l.jpg

various24_080128i-l.jpg    various24_080128j-l.jpg    various24_080128k-l.jpg

various24_080128l-l.jpg    various24_080128m-l.jpg    various24_080128r-l.jpg

various24_080128n-l.jpg    various24_080128o-l.jpg    various24_080128p-l.jpg

various24_080128q-l.jpg    various24_080128r-l1.jpg    various24_080128s-l.jpg

various24_080128t-l.jpg    various24_080128u-l.jpg    various24_080128v-l.jpg

On January 29, the DOJO was updated with a look at what Music will be available in the My Music section of the game, right of the bat, check it out if you wish.

On January 30, The DOJO was updated with an entry called “Brawl”. Nothing important, just a little look at the basics of starting a Brawl, and a conformation of Ness and Marth’s inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

various25_080130a-l.jpg    various25_080130b-l.jpg    various25_080130c-l.jpg

various25_080130d-l.jpg    various25_080130e-l.jpg    various25_080130f-l.jpg

various25_080130g-l.jpg    various25_080130h-l.jpg    various25_080130i-l.jpg

various25_080130j-l.jpg    various25_080130k-l.jpg    various25_080130l-l.jpg

various25_080130m-l.jpg    various25_080130n-l.jpg    various25_080130p-l.jpg

various25_080130q-l.jpg    various25_080130r-l.jpg

Today the DOJO gave us two entries; the first was a video that gives a quick sample of all the modes in Brawl. The second explained the future of the DOJO. As you may know, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is already out in Japan, and we still have to wait more then a month. The DOJO will still give some updates on unlockable characters, hidden stages, and additional features yet to be explained in Brawl. The DOJO will most likely become a place to find a sort of guide for the game.

Smash Bros DOJO!!!

United States Version of Brawl has less Masterpieces than Japan?

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Not only will America’s be shafted by Nintendo with Brawl seeing a release date more than a month after Japan, but it appears that Nintendo is also not giving us some classics on the newly announced Masterpieces, specifically Fire Emblem and Mother 2. Below is two pictures released on the Japanese DOJO and Not the American DOJO.



Japanese Super Smash bros. DOJO!!!

SSBB: Ground Theme, Mushroomy Kingdom, Tokyo vs. Kyoto, and Masterpieces

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

On January 23, the DOJO gave us a look at the stage Mushroomy Kingdom as it appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It appears that the land we once thought as vibrant and colorful, from Super Mario Bros., is now a forgotten waist land.

stage23_080123a-l.jpg      stage23_080123b-l.jpg

stage23_080123c-l.jpg      stage23_080123d-l.jpg

On the same day, the DOJO also gave us a trial Super Mario Bros.: Ground Theme, to go along with the Mushroomy Kingdom stage.

On January 24, the DOJO gave us information on their Test Battle between player in Tokyo and Kyoto(about same distance between Los Angeles and Las Vegas) over a Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.


On January 25, the DOJO was updated with information on Masterpieces. Wondering who these characters you’re playing with are and what games they came from. The people who made Brawl are offering a wonderful response to gamers future desires. Brawl will offer samples of all these wonderful games. No online connection is needed to play these games. Thankfully Nintendo isn’t limiting how many times you can play a game, instead they limit how long you can play after starting. But what if the game’s glorious goodies are found later in the games’ play-span? Well some games even offer save date for such a curiosity.

various23_080125a-l.jpg    various23_080125b-l.jpg    various23_080125c-l.jpg

various23_080125d-l.jpg      various23_080125e-l.jpg

various23_080125f-l.jpg    various23_080125h-l.jpg    various23_080125j-l.jpg

various23_080125l-l.jpg      various23_080125m-l.jpg

Smash Bros. DOJO!!!

Virtual Console Update: January 28, 2007

Monday, January 28th, 2008



Jan. 28, 2008

Traverse the half-pipe from the comfort of your living room. With this classic game, it’s Winter Break all the time. Freestyle through white powder, and school your best pal with your new trick! Did you get air?

This new classic game goes live at 9 a.m. Pacific time. Nintendo adds new games to the Wii Shop Channel every Monday. Wii™ owners with a high-speed Internet connection can redeem Wii Points™ to download the games. Wii Points can be purchased in the Wii Shop Channel or at retail outlets. This week’s new game is:

(N64®, 1-2 players, Rated E for Everyone, 1,000 Wii Points): Hit the slopes for some serious shredding in one of the first truly realistic snowboarding games ever created! Start in the lodge and select from five characters, each with his/her own particular attributes and special tricks. Then take a look at the wide assortment of available boards and choose one that best suits your rider and style. Once you’ve got the gear, six different modes of play, including Match Race, Trick Attack, and 2-Player Versus, await. Pick a course and get ready to experience a sensation of speed that’ll make you forget all about the cold—but it might just send a shiver down your spine. Throw in hidden characters and boards, varying weather and snow conditions, multiple paths through each course, and a variety of tricks to master—topped off with rock-solid play control—and you’ve got a recipe for winter fun that you can enjoy any time of the year. It’s all the fun and excitement of the sport, without the bruises and frostbite!

For more information about Wii, please visit

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Sega Master System, Game Gear, and SG-1000 Mark III Comming to Virtual Console

Friday, January 25th, 2008

fantayzone.gif      blackbelt.gif

Black Belt(北斗の拳), and Fantasy Zone(ファンタジーゾーン) will be released in February in Japan, on the Wii’s Virtual Console. So, what’s so special about that? Well, that will mark the first time that a Sega Master System/Japanese Mark III game will be available for download on the Wii. We will finally be able to get an Alex Kidd game, outside of Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle.


The SG-1000 Mark III was the basis of the Sega Master System, and the internal components are virtual identical. The Game Gear in terms of emulation is virtually identical to the Master System outside or the fact that Game Gear has a lower resolution screen, a larger color palette, one more channel of sound output than the Master System. In fact, Sega Master System cartridges could be played on the Game Gear with the MasterGear Converter. So the Sega Master System, Game Gear, and SG-1000 Mark III can use the same emulation program, only requiring a small amount of code for each individual system. So it’s no surprise that Game Gear and SG-1000 Mark III titles will also be making their way to the Wii’s Virtual Console. We will finally games such as Sonic Triple Trouble.


Although no information leads to it, SG-1000 Mark II and the original SG-1000 may also be added to the Virtual Console, because SG-1000 Mark III was backwards compatible with these two systems.

With a Portable title coming to the Wii’s Virtual Console, I can’t help but thing that Nintendo might eventually offer Game Boy, and Game Boy Color titles. And, whats about Sega 32X? And what about the Sega CD/Sega Mega-CD and the Sega Saturn; some games could be compressed and put on the Virtual Console?


SSBB: Pikmin & Olimar’s Final Smash, Sticker Power-ups, Zelda’s Final Smash, and Manaphy

Friday, January 25th, 2008

On January 17, The DOJO gave us a look at Pikmin & Olimar‘s Final Smash, a move called End of Day. In the Pikman games Omar and his would have to go back in his spaceship to avoid getting eaten up by night baddies. Well his Final smash uses the same concept. Olimar gets in his spaceship and then night falls, then all the monsters come out and play, attacking your enemies.

pikmin_080117a-l.jpg    pikmin_080117b-l.jpg    pikmin_080117c-l.jpg

pikmin_080117d-l.jpg    pikmin_080117e-l.jpg    pikmin_080117f-l.jpg

On January 18, the DOJO gave us a look at Sticker Power-ups. In the Subspace Emissary you can use your stickers that you have collected to power up your character. Each sticker is linked to a special power up. On the map screen you can slap your stickers on your player’s trophy’s base.In most cases, the bigger the sticker, the bigger the influence it has on your character’s stats. player will most likely try to but as many stickers on the base as they can, but you are limited by the size of the base. When two or more stickers are used on the base, only the sticker with the largest effect on the stats will influence the player’s stats. Some stickers can only be placed on certain characters. If you don’t want to do all the fun sticker placing, the computer will do it for you, if you wish. The stickers can be moved, but if you remove them, they will be lost forever.

Stickers are collect all throughout the Subspace Emissary, the harder the difficulty, the better the stickers found will be. You can always go back to stages, and adjust the difficulty of the stage to find better stickers.

It also worth noting that, once you see the game-over screen, you will lose half of your stickers.

modea12_080118a-l.jpg    modea12_080118b-l.jpg    modea12_080118c-l.jpg

modea12_080118d-l.jpg      modea12_080118e-l.jpg

modea12_080118f-l.jpg    modea12_080118h-l.jpg    modea12_080118g-l.jpg    

modea12_080118j-l.jpg      modea12_080118i-l.jpg

On January 21, the DOJO explained Zelda/Sheik‘s Final Smash, a move called Light Arrow. Basically think of the move as an incredibly powerful Arrow. When you preform the move as Sheik the move’s result is slightly different, mainly the direction your opponent gets knocked.

zelda_080121a-l.jpg    zelda_080121b-l.jpg    zelda_080121c-l.jpg

zelda_080121d-l.jpg      zelda_080121e-l.jpg

On January 22, the DOJO gave us a look at the Pokémon Manaphy effects. He switches the hearts of the players, effectively switching what character you control. Remember that the point of winning is winning with the heart, not the players, so you can just jump off the edge of the screen and kill yourself and call it a win.


mball09_080122b-l.jpg    mball09_080122c-l.jpg    mball09_080122d-l.jpg

mball09_080122e-l.jpg      mball09_080122f-l.jpg

Smash Bros. DOJO!!!

Get a Free Subscription to Electronic Gaming Monthly

Thursday, January 24th, 2008


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SSBB: Challenges, Distant Planet, and Sheik

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

On January 14, the DOJO gave us a look at Challenges, as they appear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. In this area of the game are a collection of windows, when broken, they unlock trophies, stickers, and music. To brake the glass you must either perform the specific task linked to the window, or use a limited number of Golden Hammers for task that you don’t think you’ll ever be able to perform.

various22_080114a-l.jpg    various22_080114b-l.jpg    various22_080114c-l.jpg

various22_080114d-l.jpg    various22_080114e-l.jpg    various22_080114f-l.jpg

On January 15, The DOJO gave us a look at Distant Planet, a Pikman series themed stage. Grab the pellets that fall from the pellet posies, and and throw it into a nearby onion to get items. Sometimes water pour onto the hill on the left, making it slow to get through the drenched area. The area also has places that are unsafe to stay, because you’ll get eaten-up by a big baddie.

stage22_080115a-l1.jpg        stage22_080115b-l1.jpg

stage22_080115c-l1.jpg       stage22_080115d-l.jpg       stage22_080115e-l1.jpg

On January 16, the DOJO gave us a look at Sheik, Zelda’s down special move allows her to transform into Sheik, and vice versa. Sheik isn’t in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, But the Brawl model is based on a design of her, made early in the game’s development.


sheik_080116a-l.jpg      sheik_080116b-l.jpg

sheik_080116a-l1.jpg      sheik_080116d-l.jpg

Smash Bros DOJO!!!

Vii 2

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008


The Fake Wii, the Vii, is getting an upgrade. If you Don’t know what a Vii is, it’s either the the Roman number for seven or it’s a low quality system that was released a while back that took advantage of the Wii’s hype. The Vii contained 11 original internal games, much like those cheep little knock-off, plug-in and play game systems you can buy at your local Walmart for 20 bucks. The Vii containes the following games: Happy Tennis, Catch Fish, Bowling, Alacrity Golf, Table Tennis, Smart Dart, Fry Egg, Bird Knight, Fever Move, Come On, Fantasy Baseball, and Free Craps.


Apparently the Vii, did get some success from exploiting Wii-mania, because the company that made it(I don’t know who), is now releasing the Vii 2, is a little less crappy console. The Vii has two buttons in the front of the system, “Power” and “Reset”, much like a NES. The Vii 2 has been formatted for NTSC & PAL regions. The Vii remote has “3 axes G-SENSOR” and “10 different sounds.” The Vii 2 has an expansion slot for adding 7 more games.

Vii2.jpg    Vii3lg.jpg

viigames1.jpg    viigames2.jpg

Via Joystiq

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Monday, January 21st, 2008


NeoGAF user, “giggas”, gave the public a lot of details on the latest issue of Nintendo Power, which includes a seven page feature on Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood for the Nintendo DS by Bioware. Below is the information he gave us.

– Cover Story with nice artwork
– In game graphics have a water color look, all hand drawn
– 4 party members at a time
– Each character can do certain things ex: Tails can float over things (standard stuff)
– 11 party members total – 7 known are Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge, Sjavascript:void()
Send to editorhadow, Big the Cat
– Control done fully with stylus – think Hourglass
– Able to split party into teams at certain moments
– Rings are used as currency
– No random battles, see enemies on the field
– Turn based battles [in 3D environment], choose commands for everyone in your party before they actually follow through. Want battles to be fast paced
– Elite Beat Agents style special attacks
– Team attacks (like Chrono Trigger)
– “Fatigue Points” instead of MP
– Choose which attributes to increase when you level up
– Purchase and level special attacks
– Bits of story – Sonic’s on vacation from defeating Eggman 2 years ago. Gets a call from Tails that Knuckles has been kidnapped by a group called the Marauders, and that 6 Chaos Emeralds are missing. Eggman not the main villain. But Bioware wants to make him a creditable bad guy again. Something about a “twist” between Eggman and Sonic that goes back to the earlier games.
– 2 acts – first takes place in standard Sonic areas. 2nd takes place in a darker world
– Remixed classic tunes
– “fully animated cut scenes”
– simple dialogue trees
– Side quests

Juex France recently showed the world the following screens of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

080119sonicrpg1.jpg    080119sonicrpg2.jpg    080119sonicrpg3.jpg

080119sonicrpg4.jpg    080119sonicrpg5.jpg    080119sonicrpg6.jpg

080119sonicrpg7.jpg    080119sonicrpg8.jpg    080119sonicrpg9.jpg

Virtual Console Update: January 21, 2007

Monday, January 21st, 2008



Jan. 21, 2008

Let’s take a quick personality test. Are you the type of person who likes to solve problems by analyzing clues, collecting information and methodically reaching your goal? Or are you more the type to thrust a double-footed kick into someone’s face and follow it with a few body blows? Your answers to those questions should help you decide which popular game to choose this week.

Nintendo adds new games to the Wii™ Shop Channel at 9 a.m. Pacific time every Monday. Wii owners with a high-speed Internet connection can redeem Wii Points™ to download the games. Wii Points can be purchased in the Wii Shop Channel or at retail outlets. This week’s new games are:

ADVENTURES OF LOLO 2 (NES®, 1 player, Rated E for Everyone, 500 Wii Points): Lolo and Lala are back in this sequel to the popular puzzle game THE ADVENTURES OF LOLO. On their return from the Haunted Castle, the Great Devil kidnaps Lala and challenges Lolo to rescue her again. Now he must take on the challenge of the Great Devil’s Tower and Castle mazes. Fortunately, Lala was able to analyze each of the mazes as she was taken to the tower and left clues in the Jewel Boxes in each room. Each Jewel that Lolo collects contains information that will help him in the next room. In order to succeed, he’ll also have to push tiles, pick up Heart Framers, temporarily turn enemies into Eggs with his Magic Shots and ward off enemy attacks by moving Emerald Framers. With your help, Lolo and Lala will work together to escape the Great Devil’s clutches and defeat him.

SUPER STREET FIGHTER™ II: THE NEW CHALLENGERS (Super NES®, 1-2 players, Rated T for Teen – Violence, 800 Wii Points): When SUPER STREET FIGHTER II: THE NEW CHALLENGERS debuted, the fighting-game genre was forever changed. Along with a revolutionary combo system, the game introduced a new set of challengers to fight alongside the original Street Fighter II cast. In addition to the classic characters of Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile, Blanka, E. Honda, Zangief, Dhalsim, Balrog, Vega, Sagat and M. Bison, take control of four brand-new characters in exciting head-to-head fighting game play. Choose T. Hawk and his unmatched strength to crush your opponents, use Deejay’s unrivaled kickboxing ability to defeat your opponents, unleash your inner dragon with the furious kung fu of Fei Long and drill your rivals with the deadly beauty of Cammy. Get ready for the Street Fighter tournament and the fight of your life.

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