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SSBB: Challenges, Distant Planet, and Sheik

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

On January 14, the DOJO gave us a look at Challenges, as they appear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. In this area of the game are a collection of windows, when broken, they unlock trophies, stickers, and music. To brake the glass you must either perform the specific task linked to the window, or use a limited number of Golden Hammers for task that you don’t think you’ll ever be able to perform.

various22_080114a-l.jpg    various22_080114b-l.jpg    various22_080114c-l.jpg

various22_080114d-l.jpg    various22_080114e-l.jpg    various22_080114f-l.jpg

On January 15, The DOJO gave us a look at Distant Planet, a Pikman series themed stage. Grab the pellets that fall from the pellet posies, and and throw it into a nearby onion to get items. Sometimes water pour onto the hill on the left, making it slow to get through the drenched area. The area also has places that are unsafe to stay, because you’ll get eaten-up by a big baddie.

stage22_080115a-l1.jpg        stage22_080115b-l1.jpg

stage22_080115c-l1.jpg       stage22_080115d-l.jpg       stage22_080115e-l1.jpg

On January 16, the DOJO gave us a look at Sheik, Zelda’s down special move allows her to transform into Sheik, and vice versa. Sheik isn’t in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, But the Brawl model is based on a design of her, made early in the game’s development.


sheik_080116a-l.jpg      sheik_080116b-l.jpg

sheik_080116a-l1.jpg      sheik_080116d-l.jpg

Smash Bros DOJO!!!

Vii 2

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008


The Fake Wii, the Vii, is getting an upgrade. If you Don’t know what a Vii is, it’s either the the Roman number for seven or it’s a low quality system that was released a while back that took advantage of the Wii’s hype. The Vii contained 11 original internal games, much like those cheep little knock-off, plug-in and play game systems you can buy at your local Walmart for 20 bucks. The Vii containes the following games: Happy Tennis, Catch Fish, Bowling, Alacrity Golf, Table Tennis, Smart Dart, Fry Egg, Bird Knight, Fever Move, Come On, Fantasy Baseball, and Free Craps.


Apparently the Vii, did get some success from exploiting Wii-mania, because the company that made it(I don’t know who), is now releasing the Vii 2, is a little less crappy console. The Vii has two buttons in the front of the system, “Power” and “Reset”, much like a NES. The Vii 2 has been formatted for NTSC & PAL regions. The Vii remote has “3 axes G-SENSOR” and “10 different sounds.” The Vii 2 has an expansion slot for adding 7 more games.

Vii2.jpg    Vii3lg.jpg

viigames1.jpg    viigames2.jpg

Via Joystiq