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Pokemon Heart of Gold and Soul of Silver Confirmed

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Pokemon gold and Silver

The official Japanese Pokémon site has recently confirmed what I, among other people, have predicted. No, not DawnSilver, and DuskGold, once again my guess for the next game’s title was wrong. But, yes that’s right, Nintendo is remaking Pokémon Gold and Silver for the Nintendo DS, they are calling the two titles Pokémon Heart of Gold and Pokémon Soul of Silver. They will be released in Japan later this year(the 10th anniversary of their original Pokémon Gold and Silver), no release date has been set in North America, but everyone is sure that it will come stateside. No other information has really been released, but if you look at what ninendo did to Pokémon FireRed and Pokémon LeafGreen, you can assume that Nintendo will add features from the current generation to the remakes. If any other news comes up, I’ll be sure to report them to you, so check back later.

Pokémon Japan

Introduction Necessary

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Hello out there to all you fellow gamers, I’m KalbooseThe180, and I would like to say that I take gaming with the utmost seriousness. So in that I deem to give all of you my complex thoughts and immense logic behind what I believe gaming to be. I am very excited at being able to discuss gaming down to the very core, so let us begin…

First off I will say that I’m predominantly a 360 fan though that does not exclude me from enjoying other systems. As for the systems that I own I have an Xbox360, Xbox, PS2, Wii, numerous PCs, and a retro GameBoy. It is a great honor to be requested by Kuefler to discuss and elaborate on the world of gaming, so that’s really all that you need to know and once again I look forward to write for Kuefler and this Blog.

To give you something to chew on for the meantime I recently had money burning a hole in my pocket so I decided to pick up two new games. Now I will start by telling you that I highly respect games that try something new, different, or have an interesting way of playing them(I like First Person Shooters as much as the next gamer, but it’s done a lot.). So one of these games happened to be Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia (I am always skeptical about anything that has numerous titles that tie together). Now I’ll admit that I was somewhat skeptical about them making a new PoP game, mainly due to how the trilogy ended with PoP: The Two Thrones. So after purchasing it and cracking the case open and popping the game in I was relieved to find that it was in fact a reboot of the series, and may I say a very good one at that.

I can say for certain that those of you who enjoyed the pervious titles on the PS2 and Xbox will be happy to find that the series still has its appeal and basic construct of gameplay (Acrobatics and acrobatic fighting). But the reason that PoP is one of the shining examples of the kind of games I like is because for one the game is cell shaded, which adds a unique characteristic to the environment and to be honest I hardly noticed the cell shading after playing through it, the game also used the separation of regular gameplay and combat so you knew when you where fighting and when you where just playing (Unlike in the other PoP games where enemies where free roaming.). Another aspect that surprised me was the open world and pick-your-own-path within the game. Which I believe that the industry is moving closer and closer to games that are open and choice oriented. Also another interesting thing I noticed about PoP was the Achievements (Xbox360) could be obtained in a flowing constant manner, there were a few that you had to work for, but personally apart from Fable II’s achievement system I think that PoP has some of most obtainable achievements just through regular gameplay each around 10 to 20 points. Finally the best for last about PoP was that you could never die in the game, though you still received penalties for ‘almost dying’ but still the concept that in game you can never ‘die’ is another thing that I believe developers should be looking at and they have been. The aspect of gaming ‘death’ has plagued us all as gamers, I for one enjoyed the fact that I would never die in game, though there where penalties for failing.

And that was just a taste of what is to come, I hope you enjoyed this small insight into my opinion of gaming and I assure you that I will do my best to provide you with accurate information regarding anything that I discuss. So I say good luck to you all, and good gaming!