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SSBB: Catch-Up December 17-21

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

On December 17, the DOJO was updated with information on the stage Co-op Events. The Events mode in Super Smash Bros Brawl supports two players, along with Target Smash.

various19_071217a-l.jpg    various19_071217b-l.jpg    various19_071217c-l.jpg

various19_071217d-l.jpg    various19_071217e-l.jpg  cvarious19_071217f-l.jpg

various19_071217g-l.jpg      various19_071217h-l.jpg

On December 18, the DOJO was updated with information on the stage Frigate Orpheon, a Metroid Prime themed stage.

stage20_071218a-l.jpg    stage20_071218b-l.jpg    stage20_071218c-l.jpg

stage20_071218d-l.jpg      stage20_071218e-l.jpg

On the same day, The DOJO also gave us a clip of Mother: Porky’s Theme, a remix of a song found in Mother 3.

On December 19, the DOJO was updated with information on an item called Team Healer, it does just what you think it does.


item13_071219b-l.jpg    item13_071219c-l.jpg    item13_071219d-l.jpg

item13_071219e-l.jpg      item13_071219g-l.jpg

On December 20, the DOJO was updated with information on Kirby’s “Inhale” move, were Kirby inhales his opponents, and copy’s one of their moves. Some of the the results of Kirby’s inheal move shown below include: Kid Icarus Kirby, Peach Kirby, Link Kirby, Meta Knight Kirby, Bowser Kirby, Pikachu Kirby, Diddy Kong Kirby, Donkey Kong Kirby, Samus Kirby, Yoshi Kirby, Wario Kirby, Mario Kirby, and finally my personal favorite Solid Snake Kirby.

kirby_071220a-l.jpg    kirby_071220c-l.jpg

kirby_071220b-l.jpg    kirby_071220d-l.jpg    kirby_071220e-l.jpg

kirby_071220f-l.jpg    kirby_071220g-l.jpg    kirby_071220h-l.jpg

kirby_071220i-l.jpg    kirby_071220j-l.jpg

kirby_071220k-l.jpg    kirby_071220l-l.jpg    kirby_071220m-l.jpg

kirby_071220n-l.jpg    kirby_071220o-l.jpg    kirby_071220p-l.jpg

kirby_071220q-l.jpg    kirby_071220r-l.jpg    kirby_071220s-l.jpg

On December 21, the DOJO was updated with a video clip of called Subspace Emissary Movie.

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