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Who Won The NES Game?

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Remember that little drawing I had for a free NES game for your Wii. Well I have the “winner”. But why should I tell you who it is, Instead I’ll just boar you with how the winner was selected. Instead of allowing room for human error, I made a Commodore 64 program(that can be downloaded here) that generates a number assigned to select a winner out of those who entered(listed below in order of entry).

  • 1. Alex
  • 2. Peter
  • 3. Ozzie23
  • 4. Samsan
  • 5. Wuffle
  • 6. Natep
  • 7. Mattmagician
  • 8. meatball07
  • 9. Glacius
  • 10. mark
  • 11. AkuTube
  • 12. Torey
  • 13. Brian
  • 14. jg233
  • 15. R0N1N
  • 16. TriggerNeon
  • 17. G. Foo Chombey


“So who won?”, your asking. Well the program I made, randomly generated the number five, which is the number assigned to user “Wuffle”. I just finished sending Wuffle’s price. And just a friendly reminder, I will most likely do more of these in the future, so be sure to check back for more chances and ways to win.