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Okami Wii Details, Boxart Announced

Friday, February 15th, 2008

Yet another PS2-to-Wii title is coming to Wii. Okami is coming to the Wii, and it looks like it will be one of the better Wii ports. While there may not be many extras (none announced), Wii owners were hoping for, this game has been dramatically improved.

Okami Wii

No worries, the game still keeps it’s beautiful style, and my does it look better than ever. The rumors are false, it is in 16:9 and 480p display, and has a dramatic improvement in the game. This isn’t the biggest improvement in the game, the controls have been improved dramatically! Moving Amaterasu feels very good with the Nunchuck, and the biggest improvement is the brush mechanics. Take PS2’s take on brushing, and add funner, faster, more innovative, and overall better. You waggle the Wii Remote for the attacks, and in order to chain them together you waggle the Wii Remote left and right. This is actually made harder with the Wii, as it is easier to push the button, but certainly not funner. You simply will not be able to figure out how you could stand the PS2 controls after playing the Wii version. The controls are as follows:

  • Move Amaterasu- Nunchuck Analog Stick
  • Bit, Dig, Bark- Z/C
  • Jump- A [press twice for double-jump]
  • Change Camera View- 1/2
  • Skip Scene- +
  • Dart Forward/Attack Enemies- Waggle Wii Remote [you can chain
  • together attack by waggling left and right]
  • Using the Brush- Press B, brush comes up, hold A and paint.
  • Dodge- Flick Nunchuck the way you want to dodge.

Finally, the box art has been announced for the Wii version:


If you failed to pick up Okami for the PS2, make sure to pick up Okami Wii coming on March 25, 2008 here in the US, retailing at $40.


NCAA Football Final Coming to the Wii

Friday, February 15th, 2008


EA Sports has officially announced that that the NCAA Football video game franchise will be passing and running it’s way to the Nintendo Wii. NCAA Football 09 has been given the tentative release date of on July 15th, of this year; you can go to GameStop’s website to reserve the game. Not only will the franchise come to the Wii, but the game is expected to return to the PS3, PS2, PSP, and Xbox 360.

Press Release