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Commodore 64 Coming the Virtual Console

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008


It appears that the Commodore 64 will be joining the ranks of the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, Sega’s Mega Drive/Genesis, TurboGrafx-16, TurboGrafx-CD, SNK’s Neo Geo, MSX, and Sega Master System, and Game Gear as emulated consoles/systems available on the Wii.


One can only hope that not only games will be available, but the Commodore BASIC V2.0 will also be accessible. The Commodore BASIC V2.0 allowed you to enter code to create games, taking hours if not days to do. But I would assume, unlike other sites reporting on this, Nintendo would only allow the Commodore 64 Games System(a cartridge-based game console version of the Commodore 64 home computer). The Commodore 64 Games System didn’t have Basic, and rarely used a separately purchased keyboard.

Nintendo plans to charge 500 Points for the games, and has only been announced for the European Wii population. Hopefully we see a world wild release.

Euro Gamer
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