Yoshi and Mario Chainsaw Carvings


I almost forgot to post this. When I say that I’m too busy with work to post on Game Influence, that means that I’m either lying or that means that I’m carving. I made a Yoshi and a Mario. I carved the Yoshi before the Mario. The carvings are stained, not painted. So you can see the grain and the color wont chip off like it would if it was covered with paint. I finish carving each character within 5-6 hours, and the staining process took about an hour each. I’ve only put two coats of sealer (Spar Urethane made by Minwax) on the two carvings. I would put another coat on it before I sell them; ask me, by the way, if your interested in buying one of them.

I’m might make a huge Mario carving, but outside of that, I don’t have any ideas on what video game charicters I should carve next. What character do you think should be my next video game carving?

0719081753b.jpg    0719081802b.jpg    0719081802a.jpg

0719081812c.jpg    0719081812d.jpg    0719081836b.jpg

Edit: Call 1 (586) 212-2999 if your interested.

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