Sega E3 2008 Summary


Sega announced Sonic and the Black Knight, a Wii exclusive game that would be released. The game will make use of both the Wii Remote and Nunchuk rather than the horizontal Wii Remote used in the wii-exclusive Sonic and the Secret Rings. The game will switch between between 2D and 3D perspectives and the game will take sonic to a medieval world where sonics is is armed him with a sword to aid in his effort to save the day.

Kotaku Reports that Sega might join Nintendo yet again to make a Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games type of venture. With the first three Mario and Sonic crossover games printing all sorts of money for SEGA and Nintendo, you’d think another one might be all but set in stone in the future. Simon Jeffery, president at SEGA of America, said in an interview with Brian Crecente they “would be delighted to do another game with Mario and Sonic.”

Sonic will appear in the Samba-inspired rhythm music game that was made popular in arcades and on the Dreamcast, Sambe De Amigo.

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